The History Of Step Aerobics


The history of step aerobics goes back more than a hundred years if you trace the ideas that eventually gave it state. The basic idea behind aerobic exercise moreover step aerobics is that these exercises force you to move your big muscles. You can say that you are doing aerobic exercise if you end up breathing heavily while you are working out. If you don’t start breathing heavily then you are not doing aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercises have regularly been popular among sports coaches who are hard to get their teams ready for the sports seasons. generally these exercises entailed things like running up plus down stairs (which is similar to some of the moves that became important to step aerobics later) or to doing jumping jacks.

In the late 1960s, regarding when most of America was beginning to discover that there were unfortunate consequences to living a harshly sedentary lifestyle, the next part of the history of step aerobics started. In 1968, Dr. Cooper wrote a book with regards to aerobic exercise. While he did not coin the term step aerobics, plus in most circumstances talked in regards to aerobic exerc ise like running, Cooper’s book did move us closer to beginning step aerobics as a form of exercise on its own.

This idea helped people fathom what sort of exercise was required later on. One day, Gin Miller, who had injured her knee running, was working on obtaining her leg strength back up by stepping up furthermore down the stairs to her porch. What she discovered was that not only was this small bit of exercise abundant to create her start breathing heavily, but it likewise did not hurt her injured knee additionally was easy to start.

Eventually, Miller sold the idea to Reebok, who started to make the Reebok aerobic steppers. At this point, the exercise that we know of presently as step aerobics was born. It was a mixture of dance and conventional exercise steps that were often set to music so that the persons exercising could stay focused on what they were doing.

Ever since then, step aerobics has been an fundamental part of fitness in the world. There have been aerobics videos filmed all finished the world, including Europe besides Australia. although there is a stereotype that merely middle-aged women do step aerobics, this state of exercise has become popular among all demographics.

Now that you know the history of step aerobics, it’s time to start working out!



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