The History of Dart Games


Folks enjoy playing dart games. It really is usually such a enjoyable game in the pub! Have you ever thought what the origins of the game are? How did the game develop over time?

The precise origin of the darts is not clear . It’s clear that the game is connected in numerous methods to conventional archery. A number of historians claim that the game started when soldiers tossed spears at overturned barrels. Archers had been recognized to hone their abilities indoors by tossing arrows at targets rather than shooting them. The boards at which the darts were tossed at had been the bottom of a wine barrel, known as a butt, which in French indicates a target.

You will find manuscripts concerning the game dated back to the 16th century. At that time, the game was known as ‘Puff and Darts’ or ‘Puff the Dart’. The goal of the game was to blow little darts via a tube or blow pipe aimed at a target a couple of feet away. The contestant that got the highest result out of a given number of puffs won the game. The game was fairly hazardous as numerous accidents happened when players, most likely with the aid of alcohol, sucked the darts inside, rather than blowing the darts outwards. By the end of the 19th century this type of dart game was seldomly played anymore.

Dart boards had been usually created from blocks of wood but maintaining the wood was time consuming as the blocks had to be soaked following the game in order for the wood to regain its softness and for the holes brought on by the darts to close.

These days dart boards are mainly produced from sisal fibers, stuck together and compressed into a round disk held together with a metal ring.

The fantastic benefit of sisal fiber is that when a dart hits a sisal fiber dartboard, it hardly causes any harm to the dart board, resulting in a durable, low maintenance and reusable dartboard.

In contemporary times, darts is regarded as a competitive sports game played by professionals for cash prizes and is nationally televised, but the game is still a classic fun game played all all over the world in pubs and bars.

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