The History About the All Black Shirt


The Rugby Union began to delve into professional sports in 1995 and it was a move agreed upon by a group of countries collectively known as SANZAR (South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) with the aim to sell the TV broadcasting rights of the two recently established competitions, namely: the domestic Super 12 and Tri-Nations. The first Tri-Nation competition was held in 1996 with New Zealand’s All Blacks winning all test nation matches. It was also in 1996 when New Zealand’s all black shirt clad rugby union national team won their first Tri-Nation tournament against South Africa, winning Tri-Nation matches the year after as well in 1997.

And like the team, their uniform has also gone through different changes. Today, the all blacks jersey is sporting the silver colored New Zealand Rugby Union fern as well as the Adidas logo out on its front. During the 1984 Australian tour, which was New Zealand’s first tour, the team had worn an entirely different uniform from what today’s jersey looks like.

In 1984, the team had worn a dark blue jersey with a gold fern on the upper left side of the jumper. But in 1993, the New Zealand Rugby Union, during its annual meeting, had stipulated that New Zealand’s national team must wear an all black jersey with the silver rugby union fern on the top left side of the chest as well as white knickerbockers to match. But in 1991, the All Blacks team wore a uniform of black jersey and a canvas top with the silver Rugby Union fern from New Zealand still up on the front.

Today however, the uniform of the team is sporting an embroidered poppy leaf on their uniforms in order to honor the soldiers who have fought in the battlefields of Europe.

These days, there are two things that New Zealand’s Rugby Union team are known for: their Haka traditional Maori dance and their all black uniform. And this popularity of the team and their uniforms have become one of the major reasons why there are replicas being sold by websites. And buying such items online have several advantages.

These items, when bought online tend to be more affordable since it is easier and more convenient for a person to find items that are affordable and of high quality. And these online stores and retailers offer great ways for Rugby Union fans to honor as well as show their support for their favorite national teams.

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