A Handful Of Top-Picks For The Rugby World Cup In 2011


New Zealand will be hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup and the burning question on the minds of fans across the planet is who will win the tournament. The sport continues to develop and grow and eighty teams from around the globe tried to qualify for the finals, where only twenty teams will finally play.

South Africa’s national team, affectionately known as the Springboks, beat England in the the final of the 2007 edition, and so are the defending champions of the Rugby World Cup. They have to be amongst the favorites to retain the cup, especially considering over eighty percent of their cup-winning squad are available for selection again. It would be the first time any team defended their title as no team has ever won two trophies back-to-back.

But it is the host nation that once again will be the firm favorites. The All Blacks, New Zealand’s infamous rugby side have only won the Rugby World Cup once, at the inaugural tournament in 1987, but have gone into every one since as the number one bet. Sadly though they have failed to impress ever since, and been upset a few times in the past few cups. But perhaps as the home team, they stand a better chance than ever.

Australia can never be counted out, having won the Rugby World twice before, and this year they have a young talented team who will be hoping to continue their tradition of being a strong cup team. With Australia and New Zealand being so close in proximity, you can also expect them to be one of the better supported teams at the tournament.

Winners in 2003, England are probably the best hope of the Northern Hemisphere teams. They have reached the final at the past two events, and will try and make it for a third successive time. They go into the event having had an extremely successful Six Nations and will hope their form continues.

Of course these four may still be upset by a few of the dark horses, and we cannot count out the likes of talented nations including France, Argentina or Ireland. These nations are all capable of beating one of the big four, and we are in for a very interesting competition.

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