The Essential Guide To Cultivating Green Dragon Bonsai Trees


The Green Dragon is an extraordinary Bonsai. Both visually striking and a real challenge to master re shape and display potential. But this is not a Bonsai you should jump blindly into. This Newsletter will put you on the right track to perfect Bonsai care.

The seed of this species is best sown in a shaded spot and cold frame straight away when it ripens. While caring for this plant, though, you want to be aware that all of its parts are damaging. For that reason, it is advised that you wear gloves while retrieving seeds and handling it in any fashion. More importantly, you need to keep the specimens beyond reach of kids and make them know that it is deadly, particularly since the red berries of its cob are very engaging and look quite appetizing.

So long as you take the necessary precautions, the green dragon Bonsai can truly be a superb addition to your tiny collection.

If you are planning to cultivate a green dragon Bonsai, then you should learn all you potentially can about the plant prior to starting. Scientifically known as Arisaema Dracontium, this plant is a charming woodland wildflower indicated by a very unusual flower and foliage.

This characteristic may actually be the main reason why some people opt to cultivate this species as part of their Bonsai collection. When left unbound, it can grow as much as four feet tall. The trunk leads up to a single leaf, which is split up into as much as 15 long leaflets.

Branching off from the key stem is the single seed pod that appears like a corn cob. This pod starts out with a green colour and then turns red as it matures. This species flourishes in a continually damp and peaty or loamy soil mix as well as in a shaded spot. It can tolerate being placed in a bright spot as long as the soil is kept damp and the spot isn't too exposed.

One thing you must be on the constant lookout for when caring for a green dragon Bonsai is the presence of slugs, as the plant will have to be defended from these pests.

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