The Distance Between Dominoes


There is this classic theory on how distance between dominoes impacts the speed with which the dominoes could fall. Line up the dominoes with abundant gaps between each domino, and try pushing the foremost domino. You would find that a cascading effect results, which causes other dominos to fall around.

The notable inference from this study is that distance between dominoes could have an inverse proportion effect to the speed with which dominoes fall. Now, this concept can not have any relevance to the whole notion of playing the game itself, but by doing this experiment which does not require a lot of logistics, you could dig a bit deeper into this game that is so simple.

Distance between dominos in domino games

Coming back to the discussion on the relevance of distance between dominoes with a domino game, you would find that a novel game by the name of Dominid offers a very noteworthy proposition. One look at the game additionally you would be able to say that this game is slightly different from other domino games.

To begin playing this game, you would need 28 dominoes, numbered from 0 to 6. The objective of the game is for the player to have the lowest score after all the dominoes have been played. In Dominid, the other difference comes through with the way how Dominoes are placed. In other games, you would find that the dominoes are located end to end. But in Dominid, you would find the dominoes being place side-side.

How to measure the distance between dominos in Dominid

The distance is measured between the placed domino additionally the domino it borders. This distance is used to calculate the score of the player who placed the domino. For example, assume you have placed a domino (2 6). let us likewise take that it is adjacent to a domino pair two 5). Do a small subtraction of all attracted factors, furthermore you would get the player’s score as 1.

And in essence, the same logic is applied to all other calculations in this game. Please note that the objective of the player is to keep the distance as little as possible. This will increase the prospects of the player winning the game.

There are not numerous games where distance between dominoes is factored in as a major aspect, which allows individuals to win games. One of them is dominid, besides people who have played this game, do vote it as being one of the more strategic domino games.



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