The Correct Way Of Working On A Steep Roof


The repairs associated with the roofs always involve a certain degree of risk. Depending on the pitch or the steepness of the roof, the level of danger varies. Most households don’t consider it a wise idea to revamp their roofs on their own.

However, with proper logic and an expert guidance, the assignment can be handled by an amateur as well. The guidance of an expert assists the worker during the complications of the project.

Before commencing the project, determine the pitch of the roof. The pitch of a roof is the measure of its slope. A higher value of pitch corresponds to an extremely steep roof whereas a low value confirms the flatness of the roof. Call an expert roofer to carry out the required calculations. Based on these calculations, derive a valuable suggestion from the concerned roofer. If the pitch of the roof comes out to be large then it is wise to hand over the task to the expert. Otherwise, move ahead with the proceedings.

Collect all the required roofing tools and supplies and take it to your roof. Place them conveniently on the roof such that you don’t have to come down to access the tools one by one.

A rope is commonly employed to ensure the safety of the worker while working on a steep roof. A strong rope is tied to a ridge from one end while the other end is attached to the body of the worker. You can employ the same method to carry out the repair job of your steep roof. Make sure that the rope is strong enough to hold the weight of your body when you experience a free fall from the roof. Keep proper distance between yourself and the fixed end of the rope. A larger distance fails to serve the required purpose whereas a smaller distance doesn’t allow you to move freely.

The rope forms a temporary method to keep off the risk. A more firm and rigid alternate is a tree-climbing gear. The gear holds your body throughout the length of the project. Keep the supervision of a professional in tact while wearing the climbing gear. An inappropriate installation of the gear on your body fails to serve the required purpose.

The saturated or wet roofs need to be evaluated furthermore to determine the uncertainty involved.

Make sure that all the ropes and gear are in sound condition before inculcating them in your assignment.

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