The Connection Between High Blood Pressure And Vertigo


Throughout my career, my clients have always praised me for my successful programme and they tell me how my programme has solved not only the disease for which they were seeking help, but other problems as well.

Recently I received one letter from one of my client who was suffering from high blood pressure. By using my high blood pressure programme her high blood pressure count has reduced to a normal one and she has noticed that she don’t suffer from vertigo problem any more that she was suffering from for the last few years.

She was very much surprised to find out that how a single programme can cure both the disorder. But what rattled me was that how come a program for blood pressure erase out vertigo problem?

To understand that first you have to know what vertigo is.

Vertigo cannot be defined as disease but it’s a symptom for other disorders. Disorder in the structure of ears led to very common type of vertigo known as peripheral vestibular systems.

General type of peripheral disorder is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. Dizziness (naturally), vomiting, nausea, hearing loss, perspiration, impaired cognitive ability, and weakness of the muscles in the face. This symptom lasts for less then a minute and happens without any warnings.

Vertigo can also be caused by different other diseases like irregular blood pressure (both low blood pressure and high blood pressure), migraine associated headache (MAV), atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and irregular blood sugar (often associated with diabetes).

Now what should we do to avoid such conditions that support vertigo?

Regulate blood pressure – In this problem one can avoid food contains high sodium or too much salt. This kind of foods usually raises blood pressure temporarily and over times it becomes a permanent problem.

Avoiding trigger foods that cause headache is a good idea. Cheese, alcohol, MSG, nuts, chocolate and non fresh meats are the usual culprits in this case.

Atherosclerosis – high cholesterol often hardens arteries. Try to avoid fried food and food containing high fats. You cal always replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits.

While a little exercise can help you to reduce your vertigo symptoms, but that may lead to dehydration due to loss of body fluids which also causes vertigo. So re-hydrate yourself amply after an exercise session and nothing re-hydrated better than a glass of water.

The good news is my Natural Blood Pressure Exercise Program and Vertigo and Dizziness program has always derived a very positive feedback and amazing result. I recommend you have a look in these programs and cure your problems naturally.

The medical business doesn’t want you to know what really causes dizziness. But the truth is that effective vertigo exercises can heal your vertigo within a day.



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