The Best Three Rugs If You’re A Pet Owner


For those of us who love our pets, we know that having an animal in the home implies certain adjustments must be made. While the majority can just go out and buy new wool rugs, for instance, pet owners need to be a bit more careful about the products they bring into their home. Area rugs must be troublesome, top quality, and in a position to resist friendly, gnawing lab puppies and the open claws of moggies stretching in the sunlight.

And when you have just purchased your pet furniture from Petco, not just any area rug will do. So here are the top three area rugs for pet owners.

Area Rug 1: Braided Rugs. These types of area rugs provide numerous benefits for owners of pets, and in truth are sold by some of the largest names in pet providers on the market, including Orvis. Platted area rugs are durable, resistant to foot and paw traffic, and easy to wash. In addition, they can be made out of many differing kinds of materials including mixes of cotton and polypropylene, which makes them resistant to mold, stain, sunfading and soil. And as anyone who owns a water dog knows, a mould resistant rug can be a smashing thing.

Area Rug 2: Derclon Rugs. An artificial, wool-like fiber that resists both stain and fading, derclon is another popular choice for those who own pets. The fact that derclon area rugs are hypoallergenic makes them ideal for animal owners who have allergies to their pets, as well as for owners whose pets themselves have allergies – something that occurs more often than you may think! I knew a lady whose boxer was allergic to pet dander, and she swore by derclon, because it was hypoallergenic and straightforward to scrub.

Area Rug 3: Water Trapper Rugs. While not exactly area rugs, doormats and rugs that trap water could be a pet owner’s best friend. Made out of polypropolene, these rugs grab moisture off boots, shoes and paws, and keeps it out of your home. And because polypropolene drains off and dries quickly, rugs made out of them are excellent for spring and winter, when it feels like all anyone brings into your house is mud and snow! And one of the finest benefits? They can be easily cleaned just by hosing them off.

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