The Best Quality: Samsung UN65D8000 Review


This year many manufacturers came out with new TVs, lots of which were revisions of past models. With the increases in technology and capacities, each year new devices become better at what they do, and supply a better viewing experience also. The Samsung UN65D8000 follows this line in the 65″ display size, and is the company's latest model for giant 3D HD TVs. Here is how this TV compares, and what it provides you with.

First, like any other modern TV, the Samsung UN65D8000 is fully High Definition compatible, playing back 1080p pictures and TV stations when available. This is something all of the major brands do, especially at those sizes. One major feature however is how thin the Samsung is. The screen itself is less than an in. thick, and it’s pretty amazing to see, particularly compared with some of the other models. Another engaging appearance part is the frame round the screen, which is a mix of clear glass and silver metal. Sometimes frames a black, although not in this example. The screen quality is also pretty fascinating, with additional dimming options, giving it a better contrast, and also new noise control technologies. The image produced by this model is fantastic, and in the very best quality around.

As for the included features, the Samsung UN65D8000 is a Smart TV, suggesting it includes all of the Samsung networking features like wireless Net access, a full browser, and the facility to stream Web content right on the TV. The remote that comes with it is a full QWERTY remote that can be challenging to work out, and isn’t that simple to utilise.

This TV is also a 3D TV, playing all of the latest 3D content. The box incorporates 2 glasses, and these are pretty nice. They are the active glasses and weight less than earlier models, meaning they are more comfy to wear. They use Bluetooth to connect to the TV, and aren't compatible with prior models since those used infrared. The TV options also include the ability to turn 2D displays into 3D, although that is extraordinarily hit or miss, depending on what you're watching. Some quick camera movements can cause this effect to blur out.

Overall, for $4,500 you are getting a very expensive contraption, but the Samsung UN65D8000 delivers on both the quality and the feature set. If you have that sort of cash to spend, and want a massive LED TV, then this model might be for you. You will get excellent results and a pointed image, and the extra features like 3D support and web-browsing are always nice to have. This may last you a long time, and thanks to web-based content, you may be sure to always have something to look at on your large screen.

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