The Bamboo Fountain: What Is It And Can You Make It


A bamboo fountain can be a great way to add mystical accent to your garden. These unique types of fountains were first developed in Japan where they were used to chase deer away from the fields of rice paddies. Therefore, it isn’t strange to know that they have been called “deer chasers”.

Monks discovered an additional use for the bamboo fountain; this time as a way to time their mediations. Today, more people are interested in the bamboo fountain because it is made of eco-friendly material. The bamboo fountain is also popular because of its charm and colloquial appeal. The typical bamboo fountain might be used inside the home and out in the garden.

Making a bamboo fountain does not require more than a few basic items. The parts for a bamboo fountain include bamboo, pipe, pump, base, screws, rod, and a container. If you are building an outdoor bamboo fountain, it is a good idea to use a quality bamboo that will not crack under variable weather conditions. When the bamboo fountain will be used inside, you may want to make it more attractive by polishing the surface. You will also need a screwdriver, wood saw, and a drill to make your bamboo fountain.

When you ready to build your bamboo fountain, you must start by cutting bamboo sticks to the proper lengths. You will need three big bamboo sticks. One piece of bamboo will be used to hold the nozzle while the others will hold the moving part of the bamboo fountain. The moving part of the fountain is the essential element in your bamboo fountain because it is responsible for collecting the water and emptying it as the weight of the collected water increases. All three bamboo pieces will need to have holes cut through the centers. These holes will accommodate the rod that allows the fountain to pivot.

You will take the pipe and link it from your water pump and up the center of the bamboo stick. The top of the pipe ends in a bamboo nozzle. Everything should then be mounted onto a base. The bamboo fountain is in working order when it continues cycling water through the moving part, out of the nozzle and back in again.

If you’re kind of person who would rather it be mostly done for you, then you may prefer purchasing a bamboo fountain kit from your building supply store.

It is good to know how to do maintenance on your bamboo fountain, should you build one. Any maintenance will concentrate in two places. The first is how you care for the water pump. Your pump must be kept submerged when running. Don’t forget to clean the pump regularly. Bamboo fountain care is also about replacing the water regularly. If your bamboo fountain is on all the time, you won’t have to change it as often but it is still good to keep on a schedule to avoid smell, stagnant water.

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