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Michigan Dog Leash Laws: Catching Inattentive Owners...

Is your dog leashed? If you live in Michigan, this is not an option- it is a requirement. Michigan is one of two states that have statewide laws on leashes. According to the Michigan State Dog Law of 1919 Section 287.262, it is illegal for a dog to.

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How To Train a Puppy In Simple Easy Steps...

How To Train a Puppy In Simple Easy Steps

by Gillian Mortenssen Congratulations on the new addition to your family – the puppy. What a cute little one he/she is. The puppy is fun to observe as you watch him/her walk around, looking at everything and taking it all in. If your puppy has.

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Dog Leash Training Tips – Techniques, Advice...

Dog Leash Training Tips – Techniques, Advice

The dog leash training should start in the friendly way. It should start in the familiar place of the puppy. Otherwise, the dog will take an interest to investigate the place rather than obeying your orders. The best place to begin this is at the.

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