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An Introduction To Green Plumbing Fixtures...

An Introduction To Green Plumbing Fixtures

With the water crisis and heightened awareness of the need to be more environmental friendly, a lot of people have begun using special eco-friendly plumbing fixtures. Some of them save not just water, but also other resources and others help recycle.

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The Need For Electrical Bonding...

The Need For Electrical Bonding

Electrical bonding is done for the purpose of protecting people in a building from getting electrocuted. It is the practice of connecting all the normally non-conducting objects electrically. Connected parts have the same electrical potential and.

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Home electrical fuses...

Home electrical fuses

Electrical fuses are used in everything ranging from homes to electrical appliances and automobiles. Circuit breakers have largely made the use of glass fuses obsolete in new homes. Glass fuses have a temperature sensitive metal strip inside. When a.

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Home Water Purification Systems...

Home Water Purification Systems

Water that comes to your home from a municipal source is treated for a range of chemical and biological agents. Some of them do however remain in water and can cause it to smell or taste bad, spread disease or form coatings on your electrical.

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Solar Swimming pool heating...

Solar Swimming pool heating

Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool could save you a lot of money on gas or electricity. It would also reduce your carbon footprint considerably. There are many ways in which solar energy can be used to heat your swimming pool and here are.

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The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Plumbing...

The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Plumbing

A plumbing fixture that uses an electronic sensor, circumventing mechanical operation and manual use is called an electronic plumbing fixture. You may have seen one at a public toilet, but these things are becoming more common in houses as.

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An Introduction To Plastic Pipes...

An Introduction To Plastic Pipes

Plastic pipes are among the easiest types of material used for plumbing, i.e. they are easy to install and maintain and are available with a range of thermal and pressure properties. They are also cost-effective and lightweight and therefore the.

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Replacing Your Bathtub...

Replacing Your Bathtub

Is your bathtub old, ugly, cracked or leaky? Thinking of replacing it? Think again. Replacing it is no easy task and if using some putty or hydraulic cement can seal the crack and re-glazing (which does make the tub look new) is goof enough for you,.

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What Is The Drain-Waste-Vent System ?...

What Is The Drain-Waste-Vent System ?

Four systems of plumbing are present in each home namely hot water system, the cold water system, the drain system and the vent system. The hot and cold water systems supply water to the house while the drain and vent systems remove wastes. Each of.

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Varieties Of Solar Water Heaters...

Varieties Of Solar Water Heaters

It was one thought that solar water heaters are uncommon, unnecessary and lavish in spite of the fact that solar energy is non-polluting and renewable. Global warming and air pollution, along with technological advancements facilitating resourceful.

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Tips To Keep Your Central Heating Healthy...

Tips To Keep Your Central Heating Healthy

We all like to know that our central heating systems are in full working condition before the cold months of the year pull in. We dread annoyances in the form of frozen and leaking pipes, foul odors dripping faucets and damages central heating.

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A Guide To Unclogging A Drain...

A Guide To Unclogging A Drain

All households have had a blocked drainpipe below the kitchen sink, the shower or the bathtub. We have all wondered how we became victims of floors inundated with water and the ensuing stink. Often things that get stuck and cause a clog in the drain.

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