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How Your Dog Learns...

How Your Dog Learns

by Ryan Rivollier Lots of people say that their dogs are dumb, but then they never make the connection between their dog putting a paw up on your leg and getting a treat. The dog is deliberately doing something to get himself a treat, and how dumb.

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An Overview Of Hoyt Bows...

An Overview Of Hoyt Bows

by James Emerson It is easy to know more about the best Hoyt bows if you really want to find out more about the subject. This is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to this product because their bows promise to give you good aim when it.

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Dog Discipline – Pluses and Minuses of Control Apparatus...

Dog Discipline – Pluses and Minuses of Control Apparatus

by Ryan Rivollier Occasionally the difference between training management and restraint/control is too quickly confused. Using commands and hand signals, with leads or food rewards, to entice desired action is training management and often uses.

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How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump...

How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump

by Terry Zinndell Many dogs have a propensity to jump on people at least some of the time. How often this happens revolves around your dog’s breed and his or her individual personality. One particular argument surmises that dogs jump because.

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Dog Training – Adapt Your Style to Fit the Breed...

Dog Training – Adapt Your Style to Fit the Breed

by Terry Zinndell Dogs come in a wide variety of breeds, so much so that sometimes it is best to not even consider them all of the same species. The only reason that biologists do is that they have the ability to interbreed with other dogs. Dog.

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Basic Golfing Tips For Beginners: 1...

Basic Golfing Tips For Beginners: 1

by Rhys Jones The popularity of the game of golf has increased tremendously over the past forty-five years, giving us great champions like Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods and world-renowned courses like Pinehurst, St. Andrews, Augusta.

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Build A Garden Shed Easily In Your Backyard...

Build A Garden Shed Easily In Your Backyard

by Ryan Henders Years ago, garden decor used to consist of positioning in some fine-looking flower gardens then setting up a small umbrella tables and few chairs to sit and relax in. This is far from the case now with most people no matter how.

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The Ups & Downs of Electronic Dog Barriers...

The Ups & Downs of Electronic Dog Barriers

by Greg Stannionis Electronic fences are control devices that have both benefits and disadvantages for both the animal, in this case the dog, and humans. An electric fence is actually a set of devices that generally includes transmitters and.

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Dog Bedding – Make the Perfect Choice for Your Pet...

Dog Bedding – Make the Perfect Choice for Your Pet

by Ira Nelson In the area of doting on your dog and assisting him to have a restful sleep, there are a variety of dog bedding types to choose from. The question is, will your dog be more comfortable on one type of dog bed over another? Dog bedding.

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Golfing for Novices: Part One...

Golfing for Novices: Part One

by Rhys Jones Golfing has become phenomenally popular over the last 45 years, producing such world-class champions as Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. Some first-class courses too have become household names; think of Wentworth, St..

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6 Things to Look for in Inflatable Boats and Kayaks...

6 Things to Look for in Inflatable Boats and Kayaks

by Hunter Livy When it comes to the kayaking world, there is nothing more innovative than inflatable boats and kayaks. These types of vessels have features and qualities that permit water activities that cant be possible with rigid hulls. Not all.

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Various Types of Garden Fencing...

Various Types of Garden Fencing

by Peter Bartholomew As well as adding a decorative feature to your home, garden fencing also serves its purpose as far as privacy and security are concerned. There are many choices of garden fencing on offer and the one you choose is likely to be.

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