Swimming Pool Deck Plans To Make It More Attractive And Extraordinary


If you would like to make your pool look 1,000 times better, pool decks can do the trick. It can be concrete or wood decking or vinyl even ; installing a pool deck can protect your back yard from turning into a mud bog and shield your guests from slipping in wet grass. It also transforms your yard into something quite amazing. Depending on the type of pool you have, whether it’s in ground or above ground, your deck can be straightforward to extremely extravagant, tiny or extend from your backdoor to half way around your yard. It’s up to you and your position.

There are more restrictions to your pool deck plans. For example if you have an above ground pool you wouldn’t be able to build a concrete deck for it, nor would you want to. For one, it would jack the cost of your deck to astronomic heights and 2, it would like silly. No, with above ground pools you will have something that is transportable and definitely less permanent than what an in ground pool would have.

Often you’re looking at vinyl, perhaps something plastic or you could even wood would look great in an above ground pool deck. Concrete and brick pavers are more characteristic of in ground decks.

Digging further into above ground swimming pool decks there are two options for you. One is to have a freestanding platform deck that attaches to the side of the pool and is basically a ladder leading up to a deck that has enough room for merely a couple folks. Then there’s a ladder dropping into the water to enter or leave the water. These often come with assembly instructions and are reasonably cheap. The second is a deck that wraps around the pool with a walkway space. It may have a waist high fence to stop somebody from falling off. It costs more but makes the pool area look fuller. It will also help support the walls of your pool.

pool deck design for an in ground pool is essentially left up to your imagination. Only your wallet can limit you on what look you’re going for. Look at as many swimming pool decks as you can before you make a decision. If it doesn’t make you happy when you first see it, you will not like it down the road.

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