Stomach Pains After Eating Food


Stomach pains after eating is a common malady additionally commonly it is a case of indigestion or overeating,

where you eat a rather a huge amount of spicy food which in turn creates a huge strain in your digestive system which may result in pain and diarrhea.

It is similarly caused due to intestinal obstruction. Intestinal stomach pains is ordinarily followed by diarrhea, Such stomach pains take their own course furthermore alleviates by it self however, stomach pains after eating could be symptomatic of underlying complications if it occurs habitually.

There likewise conditions such as appendicitis which happens in the lower right side of the abdomen, usually this pain is more noticeable after eating, if it followed by nausea ,fever dizziness or vomiting one should at once seek medical attention.

Severe stomach pains after eating normally in the upper abdominal section besides the pain spreading to the right moreover the back region could be a result of pancreatitis , this ordinarily happens after six to twelve hours after a heavy meal.

It can be followed by symptoms such as fever a racing heart beat or nausea.

Intense stomach pains after eating can similarly be a result of food poisoning, heart disease, diabetes, pelvic inflammatory diesese, or stomach ulcers due to gastritis.

Stomach pain after eating dairy products which is accompanied with bloating additionally diarrhea is an indication of lactose intolerance, so done or incomplete constriction and substitution of dairy products is crucial.

Constipation is also a frequent complaint for stomach pains after eating; insufficient fiber in one’s diet is the main culprit.

It is without difficulty avoidable by consuming in plenteous vegetables additionally fruits.

Dehydration is similarly a resulted by constipation, thence sufficient water requires to be consumed throughout the day not merely to quench one’s thirst.

Irritable bowel syndrome is another condition symptomatic of stomach pains after eating in the lower abdomen, feeling tired; bloating sensations are symptomatic of this obligation.

Consuming food too fast without chewing in a proper manner can likewise result in pain what’s more even lead excessively stomach flu.

Another constant incident that occurs is drinking overly much liquid right after consuming a meal, because the liquid be it water or fruit juice dilutes essential stomach acids,

which are required in healthy amount to keep the digestive system in proper condition, as the stomach acids are diluted the consumed food is not properly digested, thence results in indigestion what’s more stomach pain.

The stomach acids aids in warding off bacteria and viruses, when it is diluted it could result in the body ejecting the food that is undigested furthermore as well as producing a thriving place for potential bacteria as the digestive juices are unable to kill it due to its low density.

This can result in pain; diarrhea additionally stomach flu, thence a decrease in stomach acids makes your digestive system more susceptible to disease.



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