Stomach Pain Left Side And Back – Below, Under Ribs, Lower, Upper


Stomach pain left side happens in the left abdomen from the centre of the abdomen under the chest, along the belly button to the genitalia. Stomach pain left side can be experienced by anyone. It is however constant among young adults particularly among females.

Stomach pain left side can have several causes. These causes may vary depending on whether the stomach pain left side is stemming from the upper stomach or the lower stomach. Stomach pain left side ordinarily happens due to a problem of an organ situated in the left abdomen.

Notwithstanding it can likewise result from an organ which is situated outside this section. Stomach pain from the central or right abdomen can be spread to the left side of the stomach. Consequently stomach pain left side can be caused by difficulties in the organs that are situated in the region such as the spleen, left part of the liver, big intestine, left kidney, descending colon or left adrenal gland.

Difficulties with female organs such as left ovary in addition to the left fallopian tube can cause stomach pain left side to women.

Organs as well as structures that are not situated in the left stomach area but may still cause stomach pain left side are the lower left lung, the heart furthermore the left part of the diaphragm.

The medical condition known as situs invertus can cause stomach pain left side sometimes. This is an uncommon condition in which the appendix in addition to other structures that are commonly located in the right side are placed in the left.

Common causes of stomach pain left side includes stomach ulcers, gastritis, heartburns, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, stomach tumor, bowel tumor, crohns disease, constipation, pelvic inflammatory disease, coelic disease or sickle cell disease.

Pain in the upper left stomach besides the lower left stomach may have diverse causes. Some predominant causes for pain that occurs in the upper left stomach are constipation, pancreatic cancer, besides difficulties with the spleen, infections or stones in the kidney.

Pains in the upper left side of the stomach may be a symptom of heart attacks. Lower left stomach pains can be caused by constipation, trapped gas, or. apendicitis. Troubles in the female reproductive system such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovulation what’s more endomeritis can cause pains in the lower left stomach.

Tested disorders, spermatic cord disorders plus gonorrhea may cause pain in the left lower stomach for men. Stomach pain left side experienced by women may be caused by ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus commonly in the fallopian tubes.

Most stomach pain left side causes are not symptoms of serious-minded medical difficulties but they may sometimes be indicators of critical medical issues.



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