Sterling Kit Car Review


Sterling kit car is a solid and robust sports car built by the Sterling Sports cars LLC. This car was majorly built to run on the chassis of the VW beetle as well as was quite a successful model, the company moreover has a Sterling kit car for the enthusiasts who already own a car as well as wish to breathe modern life into it.

The Sterling kit car is a low aerodynamic model that can accommodate a number of engines as well as is available with a number of add-ons. The sterling was first built as the Nova, a component car which was built with the vision to build a sports car which is affordable as well as make it available to the masses.

The launch of the Sterling kit car was an instant hit with the audiences in America where it was launched as Sterling instead of Nova. This Sterling kit car struck a chord with the masses that inquires poured in and went up to 800 per week, the original team building the Sterling kit car were not able o retain up with the demand and pace at which the demand grew.

The chassis design of this Sterling kit car is produced with various computer aided designing tools that make sure that an original tested principle is built with utmost innovation and delivered to the end user. A Sterling kit car when utilised with a traditional V8 engine needs larger cooling systems as well as heavier transaxles where as a Sterling kit car with a modern V6 can deliver an magnificent 300-400 HP.

The Sterling kit car which is sold as the Sterling RX outperforms the rest with its excellent weight to power ratio and low centre of gravity. This powerful machine helps in making the track car as well as the street car one as well as the same making the low cut body and power packed performance in this Sterling kit car a mixture of style as well as performance.

The Sterling RX has its classic shape moreover is nevertheless packed with latest features to the brim. This Sterling kit car has a thick composite body with a double wall structure that was embedded into the body during molding.

The Sterling kit car also has carbon fiber reinforced stress points making it really strong. The v may be built with ease as well as may accommodate a tall driver in it with ease making it a user fascinating sports car, moreover suitable for use within the city.



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