Steps To Hide An Unsightly Breaker Box


Most households prefer to conceal their electrical outlets and switches to complement the serenity of their home interiors. Hanging electrical cords and broken receptacles hurt the integrity of the walls and ceilings. Hence, such irregularities require an urgent addressing in order to restore the normality of the home decor.

Hence, such issues require an urgent addressing. Long avoiding the concerned issue may take a toll on the attractiveness of your interior walls and ceilings. Similarly, a clattered or untidy breaker box would look quite weird and unpleasant on your walls. Removing the breaker box is not an option as it is quite mandatory to be a part of regular scheme of things. But you can hide such a breaker box by adopting certain well-thought measures.

The basic way of covering an electrical breaker box is by painting the outer cover of the box. Moreover, you can flaunt your artistic nature by drawing a painting on the cover. This would add to the beauty of your home interiors a lot. To gather some ideas regarding the same, you can surf through the web pages of the Internet.

An additional component in the form of a shadow box can be purchased to serve the required purpose. Remember that the size of the shadow box must be greater than that of the breaker box. The shadow box offers a decorative attribute to the interiors as it comprises of a decor section. The fancy objects and items of decoration can be placed in this section to enhance the appeal of the room.

Instead of a standard shadow box, a shadow box with a hinged door can be accommodated in the regular scheme of things as well. While the back frame envelops the concerned breaker box, the hinged door is decorated with a captivating picture. However, there is no provision for the section that amasses the decor items in this design. Use an adhesive spray to paste the picture well to the swinging door of the shadow box. This renders an easy access to the breaker switches.

Most households prefer to place a standard-sized picture or frame over their electrical breaker box.

If the breaker box is located in your bathroom or washroom then a washboard can be mounted over it to cover it.

The rigid stains and spots must be cleaned from the surface of the breaker box before adding a shadow box or picture frame to the existing structure.

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