Staying in Hotels in Colorado for Vacation


When looking for good places to stay in Denver Colorado, try one of their numerous hotels. This city abounds with luxury Hotel Properties and most can be found at reasonable prices. When looking for great amenities, you can have high-speed internet, free breakfast, fitness centers with restaurants on-site, as well as pet friendly polices and room service. If you need a spa, some hotels have full service amenities; if you’re looking for tennis, I found 8 hotels with tennis courts.

Boulder Colorado rests at the foot of towering Rocky Mountains, which bring nature and culture together in a most comfortable setting. Nightlife is inviting, rolling into one sophistication with relaxed celebration. You can find a festival or concert anytime of the year in Boulder. When considering a vacation excursion, enjoy Pearl Street Mall in the historic part of downtown.

Boulder has been rated the number one sports town in America. Some of the world’s top runners, cyclists and mountain hikers claim that Boulder is the place to be for sports training. The Rocky Mountains and scenic views can take your breath away, and give any vacationer a sense of awe and a feeling of being one with nature. Rock climbing is a great outdoor sport and Denver provides no lack of exciting challenges to mountain-bound thrill seekers.

Downtown businesses cater to children busy with science projects. Some display lighted planets which can hold the interest of a child for hours, making learning fun. Don’t forget Boulder’s mini-golf courses for the young at heart.

The United States Air Force Academy is another place explore. Try visiting the Falcon Stadium along with a stop at the chapel and Arnold Hall. There is also a special and unforgettable museum honoring Air Force personnel. A walk through this museum inspires admiration for our service people who have done so much to protect our country.

With a visit to Fort Collins, Colorado you can find gardening clinics, comedy shows, concerts and barefoot running clinics. You can also find great tours, such as Old Town Fort Collins. In one part of town, you can still view some well-preserved historical buildings, which still carry mementos of times long past. When walking through certain parts of the old city, bubbling fountains and street lamps can be seen that bring back a feeling of times long gone.

Enjoy the many beautiful cities of Colorado as you discover new frontiers.

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