Blogging Tips: Guidelines for Guest Post at Problogger


The best way of getting acceptance on blogging platform is to adhere to the guidelines. This holds true for all blogging platforms and in case you are thinking about submitting a blog post at problogger, you need to adhere to the guidelines in the true earnest.

Below are listed some of the key rules that you need to follow in order to ensure that the blog post gets accepted on problogger:

1.) Exclusivity of the post

They expect the post to be exclusive. While, the blogger can submit the same post on other blogging sites too, they appreciate the blogger to write exclusively for their platform. This not only makes the post exclusive but also ensures that quality readership gets generated.

2.) Choice of topics

Topics need to be chosen with care and vision. Problogger appreciates posts that focus on an issue. Some of these can be in form of ways to make money online, how to do article, and practical tips on solving problems. Their approach is to offer tips and solutions to readers rather than debating on the social or economic relevance of any issue.

In addition, they are interested in specific topics as use of social media in blog promotion, case studies and WordPress tricks and tips.

3.) Voice of the post

Most of the bloggers who contribute to various blogging platforms are often worried about the style of writing. However, problogger offers creative freedom to the bloggers and they are free to choose their style of writing. This makes the task of the blogger easier as they can communicate their thoughts in a rationale manner.

4.) Formatting pattern

Problogger accepts the text in word and plain text format. However, they appreciate it if the blogger pays attention to some specific points. They prefer that the blogger does not use bold font in the post’s prose. If using images, some specific points need to be considered. The blogger needs to have copyrights for the images they display with their posts. Images should not be wider than 500 px.

5.) Length of the post

Problogger values quality more than length of the post. As long as the blogger is able to maintain the quality of the post and convey the message appropriately, the length does not matter. All you need to ensure is the right tone of the write up and the style of writing. Problogger accepts blogs of any word length as long as they communicate the essence of the write up in true earnest.

6.) Editing

Expect your post to undergo editing. Maintain quality of the write up as the problogger only changes titles, reworks on opening and concluding sentences and does minor grammar corrections. Posts are sending back for additions if any suggested by the editors.

Following the above steps will help your post get high ratings on problogger. The blogging platform is a great way of promoting your content and ideas. Write quality content and promote the same through them.

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