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Despite the fact that a lot of people do not accept as true the facts and ideas in Astrology, definite set of characteristic category or kind have been linked to have come into life on the level of certain signs of the zodiac or what is termed also as the “Circle of Animals”, it is the band of the ecliptic encircling the Earth. The zodiac is made up of 12 constellations in the night sky that each fall in the line of movements of the planets. The names of the zodiac signs are Aries (march/April), Taurus(April/may),Gemini(may/June),Cancer(June/ July),Leo(July/august),Virgo(august/September),Libra(September/October),Scorpio(October /November),Sagittarius(November/December),Capricorn(December/ January),Aquarius(January/February),Pisces(February/march).A person’s sign is said to be determined at what day his birthday falls in the year. It gives meaning to one’s moment of birth recorded on the celestial clock.

Although you may have second thoughts or may not seem to believe in the validity of astrology or literally termed as the “Science of the Stars”, some vital circumstance and distinguishing characteristics and traits are shared by nearly every human being who is born at the level of a specific zodiac sign. For those who do accept astrology as a valid way to determine general tendencies that the fates have inevitably in store for individuals, checking what prediction and analyses about their day-to-day life and future prospects, they have made astrology as an incredible tool to know themselves reading a daily astrological chart is part of their everyday routine. It serves as a guiding tool for them that provide clues on what is in store for them for that day, guides as to how they should react on things and reasons on why certain things happen.

In the face of the wider used of dates that have been brought about for the twelve signs, those who came into existence on the first or last days of a specific sign may find that they have more in common with individuals who are of the nearby sign to them. These beginning and end days for the signs are recognized as cusps. As a result of the divergence made about by a year with an extra day, February 29 added to make up the difference between the 365-day of the calendar and the actual duration of the Earth’s orbit of the Sun and differences in time zone, it may be necessary to have a personal astrological description of the personality and future of a person, based on one’s real and existing birth date and time to determine which zodiac sign holds the most effect of over a person.

Though astrology is not a precise science and others may see it as just mere superstition or intuitive arts, it encompasses an amazement of how strong it can be when it is deliberately calculated. It enables one to understand something which is beyond the physical, to know and discover energy patterns and relationships of planets in motion, our birth chart, and the make up of elements and how celestial activities give an impact to our lives. No one knows for sure what influence the stars and planets really have over a person’s life, personality and future but in a universe where everything is connected somehow, even if it is just by the force of gravity, these celestial bodies do have the power to influence.

In attendance are considerable numbers of different manner and ways that the zodiac can have an impact over a person. The most belonging to or is being shared, effect of being in existent under any given sign lies in the person’s actual personality. Known traits seem to be shared and common among people who are born under similar stars and diverse sign to be more compatible with one another than others.

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