Signs and Symptoms of End Stage Alcoholism


Alcoholism can be divided into three stages Early stage alcoholism, middle stage alcoholism as well as end stage alcoholism. Heavy use of alcohols as well as that too frequently will lead the drinker to end stage alcoholism.

Consuming 1 or 2 drinks daily for a healthy man is considered as acceptable level of alcohol consumption. When the frequency or the amount of drinking increases, the early stage alcoholism occurs. if you continue to drink after this, it will lead to end stage alcoholism.

The third or final stage of alcoholism is a rigorous stage. In this stage the drinker will lose control of drinking. Moral deterioration, impaired thinking, unexplained fears may be the symptoms of final stage alcoholism. Excessive binging on alcohol will lead the drinker to numerous problems including health issues.

In the end stage of alcoholism, the drinker is probably to consume alcohol nearly with everything else. It will surely cause mental and physical issues. Too much alcohol consumption will damage every parts of the body as well as will reduce the disease resisting capacity of the body. Family relationship as well as job atmosphere will be severely collapsed. occasionally financial and legal problems will furthermore occur for an end stage alcoholic.

Most of the drinkers in this final stage will face the problem of malnutrition. Alcohol will disturb the digestion process in the body as well as will block the passage of nutrients from intestine to blood stream.

Most of the severe drinkers will have the problem of liver dysfunction. Since the damages cells may not receive the essential nutrients, the damage continues to worse. The final stage in alcoholism will cause Vitamin deficiencies in the drinker’s body.

As a result loss of mental fitness, loss of appetite, fatigue, confusion and memory loss will happen. Finally death can happen in any ways like suicide, accidents like drowning, auto crash or falling or severe health problems. Death will be the final outcome of end stage alcoholism.

The treatment to late stage alcoholism will be similar to any end stage disorders. However, heavy use of alcohol will lead to medical complications. In the final stage, damage to brain, heart, liver and other tissues will happen as well as that makes the treatment more difficult. Brain damage from excessive drinking for years together will be permanent. The dead cells in brain can not be regenerated. Such physical damages will be more complicated to treat.

End stage alcoholism is the most horrid way to die. Alcohol consumption will be cumulative in almost every parts of the body as well as thence damages the organs. The heart will be the most important suffering organ. The liver will stop functioning and thereby cause blood dysfunction. accordingly hemorrhoids may acquire rupture suddenly that can lead to death.

Alcoholic consumption will shatter the brain’s power to think and learn. As a result the person suffering from final stage alcoholism will face the problems of brain disorders like mental confusion, impaired coordination while walking, vision problem as well as memory loss. This will make the treatment impossible.



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