Should I Give My Cheating Ex Husband A Second Chance?


Being cheated on causes a lot of pain, incredible pain. Perhaps you might want to consider giving him another chance if he asks for it. This kind of confusing marital status can be really strange especially if you have accepted the life of living without him. Choosing to give him that second chance he is asking for by any means can be a good advice, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work 100%. There will be a lot of adjustments and its success depends on both of you.

Well, you can only agree or disagree with his appeal. Nothing is really written in stone. Do you still love him? Most wives still love their husbands even after the cheating issues. A good question to ask to determine whether or not you should give your cheating ex husband a second chance is ‘Will he do the same for me?’

Is it Worth Giving My Cheating Ex Another Chance?

This is a little bit different when it comes to asking and answering questions but one that needs to be considered as well. No matter how much love there is between the two of you there are occasions when it’s time to brush the dust off and move on without him in your life.

However, in accepting second chances one must to prove their sincerity in keeping their promise not to cheat again. And as the one, who was cheated on and is willing to give a second chance, don’t be too emotional when he comes back to your life or you may end up ignoring the issues that you have to solve first.

Is it the only crime? Is he worth for a second chance? Only you can determine whether or not he is worth the second chance. His cheating might have made you wary, but there are a bunch of reasons why a second chance is worth granting to a cheating ex husband.

Am I Willing to Risk my Heart to Give Him a Second Chance?

You’ve been part of the ‘we’ for a long time, and now that it is only you and he wants to go back to ‘we’ then you may want to consider the question, ‘Are you prepared to take the risk?’

Now is the best time to test the waters – done with the emotional leftover, done with setting priorities, and done with contemplating on your life. What is next? After becoming your own person again, it is high time to do the ‘risk.’ Who doesn’t want to have a happy married life? This thing is really worth the risk. Anyway, there is really no guarantee if something will turn out good or not. What matters is the heart’s preparedness and vigilance in facing marital problems.

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