Sharp Upper Stomach Pains During Pregnancy


Upper stomach pains occur in the abdominal state between the rib cage and the belly button.

Stomach pains in this constituency are very predominant. Upper stomach pains may vary from mild short-lived pains to severe pains that final complete a period of time.

Pains in the upper stomach may be chronic or acute.

Chronic upper stomach pains are pains that continue complete a long period of time.

Acute pains are sudden pains that may indicate solemn medical problems.

These pains can be caused by numerous reasons such as indigestion, appendicitis, gallbladder diseases, kidney stones, peptic ulcer, liver disease or heartburn.

Any injury to the organs situated in this province can likewise cause upper stomach pains.

In addition, pains in the upper stomach can similarly be caused by difficulties with the skin, muscles or bones in this locality.

Pains from organs that are located outside this county such as heart attacks additionally chest infection can often cause upper stomach pains as well.

Pains in the right upper stomach are commonly caused by liver conditions, hepatitis, gallbladder diseases, kidney condition, colon cancer in addition appendicitis.

Some causes of left upper abdominal pains are spleen conditions, pneumonia and stomach cancer.

The cause of upper stomach pains can be diagnosed by the location in which the pain occurs, timing what’s more severity of the pain furthermore additional symptoms that occur with stomach pain.

Upper stomach pains may often occur with diarrhea, back pain, breathing difficulty, fever or vomiting.

Upper stomach pains are constant among children. Chronic upper stomach pains in children may be caused by organic disorders or operational dyspepsia.

Organic disorders are identifiable difficulties in the body such as constipation.

Operational dyspepsia does not have an identifiable cause and often is the reason for chronic abdominal pains among children and adults.

Functional dyspepsia causes pain or discomfort in the upper stomach what’s more in often accompanied by bloating, upset stomach furthermore feeling full after a small meal.

Upper stomach pains during pregnancy may be caused by preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy which causes changes in the blood vessels.

This necessity may cause severe upper stomach pains and tenderness during pregnancy.

Common home remedies for mild upper stomach pains include drinking fluids plus antacids.

For severe persisting pain medical advice is needed. Treatment for upper stomach pains can start after diagnosing the cause.

Reviewing the patient’s history, physical examination furthermore other tests furthermore examinations can be important to diagnose the cause of upper abdominal pains.

Physical examination will examine the patient for reality of tenderness, signs of inflammation moreover blood in the stools.

Some of the examinations besides tests that are required for the diagnosis are laboratory tests, x-rays, radiographic studies and endoscopic procedures. Diagnosis can even need surgery at times.



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