Shallow Water Fishing Boats


So-called back country fishing is a unique experience for all those who love shallow water fishing. It provides the sense of immediacy with nature that comes with all shallow water fishing but adds an additional sense of adventure.

Well, luckily for you, there’s a whole new generation of flats skiffs out there, just waiting for an angler like you. Guys who want to sight cast in the clear, shallow waters off the Florida Gulf Coast demand shallow water boats that deliver.

A great guide will not only be able to tell clients what to fish for, based on area, season, and weather, he can actually assess their strengths and weaknesses. Based on these variables, he can best advise for the shallow water fishing trip of their dreams.

Even the shallow water anchors are unique; you will see hydraulic ‘power’ poles which can hold the boat steady in up to 8 feet of water, or simple manual poles which can also be used as a push pole, to maneuver skillfully around the banks, and in the shallower waters.

With a boat and a guide, you can explore Florida Bay, and go after such prizes as the afore-mentioned tarpon, trout, snapper and redfish. These fish can be bigger than expected. For example, tarpon can get up to 40 or 50 pounds.

Motorized options for shallow water anchors mean that you press a button, and an anchoring pole deploys in mere seconds. No muss, no fuss, the spike goes down beneath the water, six to eight feet, and bingo, your boat is halted in its tracks. Shallow water anchors that are motorized ensure that even strong currents or blustering winds won’t cause your boat to budge.

But what about the whole point of shallow water fishing? The fish! The beauty of shallow water fishing is that you can float in literally inches of water, and position yourself above creatures that would be inaccessible from deeper-draft style craft. Not to mention the stability that a good, 15 foot boat can give you. No worrying about keeping your balance, you can focus on the sport itself.

The appeal of shallow water fishing is best found in places like Florida Bay. With mangroves aplenty, there is always something primal and unspoiled to enjoy, whether it be the challenge of landing a largemouth bass, or spotting a wading ibis just a few feet away.

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