Septic Services – The Benefits of Video Camera Technology


Today, professional plumbers have plumbing technological innovations available to help them provide the most efficient septic services. The septic system is a complex system that can develop numerous problems such as worn or damaged pipes, blockages, sewer back ups, and more. To identify problems and make the appropriate repairs, one such tool that plumbers use is video camera technology.

Video Camera Technology gives plumbers the ability to get a thorough assessment of what is happening in the septic system. It allows them to find out what is happening within the septic lines below and above ground which cannot be identified by a basic visual inspection. With a video camera inspection, the plumber sends the video camera through the septic system to capture images within so that they can identify the source of problem and any other issues that may be causing or eventually cause serious damage.

When the video camera comes across a plumbing leak or blockage as it is traveling through the system, the video camera sends a magnetic signal to a digital pipe locator which precisely identifies the location of the breach. The digital pipe locator points out the precise location, depth, and direction without causing any more problems for the sewer line. In addition, the plumber does not have to guess the location of the breach and perform a number of digs to find it. This means the property does not become damaged from excessive digging.

The benefits of using the video camera and digital pipe locator technologies are they are efficient, accurate, and cost efficient. The plumber is able to quickly and precisely find the source of the problem, make the repair, and complete it without causing a big mess. Disruption in the plumbing is minimized and costs are kept lower. These video cameras can even identify where a tree root has penetrated a septic line. Plumbers using video camera technology will not have to tear up the property, basement floor, gardens, or even asphalt or brick on the driveway. Access is reliable and immediate for making sewer system repairs.

Using video camera technology helps plumbers identify and assess the following: locations that are at risk of developing plumbing problems such as leaks, identify the exact sewer system problem, identify sewer drain blockage and damage, pinpoint precise spot to make a plumbing repair, assess if the sewer lines require a thorough cleaning using technology as a hydro scrub, identify the depth and direction of a compromised sewer drain pipe, and much more.

Septic services Ottawa helps plumbers determine the condition of the sewer system pipe cannot be identified by snaking. It is a quick and efficient way to pinpoint sewer problems quickly and efficiently. It makes repair faster and easier. Homeowners save money and protect their property which makes video camera inspection is a very beneficial service provided by professional plumbers. When it comes to the maintenance and care of septic systems, innovations in plumbing technology makes the services plumbers provide essential for both homeowners and businesses.

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