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Attracting girls comes easy for some guys, but for the rest of us it takes a lot of work. So if you know how to approach, talk, and act right in front of a woman, your chances of success increase substantially. Don’t get me wrong, looks are a part of attraction, but women are emotional beings and if you portray the right image, looks shouldn’t have much, if anything to do with it.

Women go to great lengths to get ready to go out for a night on the town, for hours in advance. We lay out different outfits to decide what to wear, do our hair (often redo it several times), bathe, use creams and apply makeup, and much more – simply to get ready for an average night at a club. Now why would a girl that put in all that time and effort into looking good, go out to hook up with some guy in a dirty t-shirt and jeans with (oh what style) a baseball cap. If you look like you just fell out of bed, plan on going back there, alone.

Don’t dress like a bum – Although this might seem obvious to most and comical to some, a simple glance around any bar / club by any woman (trust me!), will reveal many completely clueless men dressed like crap. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not snobbery and the goal is not to attempt to look as rich or wealthy as possible – built simply to be well presented. Use eye contact and be confident in who you are. It’s not about how much money you make, or your physical appearance. If you believe in yourself, so will the people you meet.

Confidence – No matter what a woman tells you about the type of guys that she likes (“kind, sweet, thoughtful, etc.”), I’m going to let you in on the real secret of what women truly want in ANY man, and that’s confidence. It is without a doubt, the single most attractive thing to any and all women. Why do you think that so many smart, attractive and successful women go out with such jerks and put up with their lies, mistreatment, B.S. and drama? It’s not the fact that the guy’s a jerk that they like, it’s the simple fact that most jerks are confident. Being confident without being a jerk is the biggest turn on any woman could hope for. But make sure not to confuse confidence with cockiness. There is a definite line between confidence and arrogance. It’s ok to talk about yourself, just make sure that’s not everything that comes out of your mouth. Nobody likes someone full of themselves. Focus more on being a good listener…Woman love that!

Humor is a great way to break the ice. If you can make a girl laugh, it breaks the tension, and she will feel more comfortable around you. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Keep her laughing and you’ve got her” or something similar. Being spontaneous and funny is so sexy because you not only convey having a sense of humor, but also intelligence and confidence, all at the same time! If you’re naturally witty, this can be like Viagra to the right woman! Just remember not to go too overboard (you’ll risk seeming “try hard”) and no joking about taboo subjects (like religion, politics, or rude humor).

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