RW 1 – Choosing The Right Handicap Scooter


People with disability or those who have limited mobility now have improved standard of living. In the past, they are mostly confined to their homes or their wheelchairs. That is no longer true to today’s environment because the community now acknowledges their contribution to society and is encouraging them to have an active participation in various activities and endeavors. These days, it is no longer uncommon to see people with disability working in different fields and specialties. They are now as competitive as everybody else. To cater to the growing needs and to empower physically challenged people in their daily lives, manufacturers produce handicap scooters available in different models and specifications to suit each individual’s needs and requirements.

Handicap scooters are motorized scooters that run on electricity supplied by batteries and can be recharged. These scooters are made especially for people who have less mobility such as people with disability or the elderly. They are especially helpful for those who are unable to propel a wheelchair or needs to travel distances that will be taxing if you are using a manual wheel chair or if you walk with a cane. This will also benefit people who have cardio vascular conditions as well as conditions related to fatigue. The use of a handicap scooter is also beneficial for those who need to travel on a difficult terrain such as hills and ramps.

Other than increased mobility and freedom, you can go around your environment with convenience and ease. Depending on your condition, you can enjoy trips to the park or the grocery without assistance; giving you the independence that you used to enjoy. It also gives you more energy to do other things because you will no longer have to spend all your energy trying to walk or push your traditional wheelchair. It will relieve your arms, shoulders, wrists and arms. Therefore reducing fatigue and pains associated with the task. Using mobility or a handicap scooter also allows you to travel up to 35 miles in between charge so you can travel longer distances. You can enjoy a nice day at the beach and spend time with your family and friends without worrying about rolling down hills or steep terrains. You can enjoy life and maximize your time outdoors without feeling extremely tired and worn out after for a couple of days.

There are various manufacturers and retailers selling handicap scooters. Other than the rechargeable type, there is also a model which is gas powered. This model allows you to travel longer distances because it eliminates the need of recharging the batteries. However, if you have the motorized electric powered handicap scooter, you can purchase an extra battery to charge while the other one is in use. There are also accessories that you can purchase to increase mobility and also provide storage.

If you are going to purchase a handicap scooter check with your health insurance if they are going to cover the cost or a fraction of the cost. Before making any purchase, check different manufacturers for the different models and specifications so that you can compare the performance as well as the prices. Another factor that you should consider is their after sales services; if they offer maintenance and repairs on the products that they are selling. You want to make sure that aside from quality and affordability, there is a reliable center that you can go to if ever there are problems.

There are many types of handicapped scooters to help those who need the most help in living purposeful, productive lives:



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