RW 1 – Choosing The Right Handicap Scooter


Developments in technology paved the way and opened doors for people who are physically challenged. It is not uncommon to see people with physical disabilities working even in competitive environments nowadays. This is mostly because employers and the whole community now acknowledges the contribution of people with physical limitations and are encouraging them to become socially active and less dependent on their caregivers. For this reason, there are numerous products in the market that enables them to compete with people in their surroundings – products and services that will enable them to gain independence and improve their quality of life.

To help people with physical disabilities and limited mobility, manufacturers came up with handicap scooters. These motorized devices either run on electricity or gas. The electric powered handicap scooter is run by a rechargeable battery and can travel long distances of up to 30 miles in between charges. While this can be limiting in a sense that you have to recharge the battery so you can use the scooter, you can purchase extra batteries that you can charge while the other one is in use. Another type available is one that is powered by gas. This offers more mileage and can travel longer distances as compared to the electric powered handicap scooter.

Using a manual wheelchair is strenuous and overly tiring for the person pushing it. Regardless of whether you are the one on the wheelchair pushing yourself, or you are a caregiver pushing, the task will leave you tired, fatigued and worn out. This is especially true if you are travelling through difficult terrain, steep hills and ramps. Pushing a manual wheelchair will put a great deal of stress on your shoulders, arms, wrists and joints. A long day at the beach or an outing with the family can leave you feeling exhausted. If you are using a motorized handicap scooter, you will have the freedom to enjoy what life has to offer without going through extreme physical activity or without putting someone through the agony.

Motorized scooters give you the freedom and mobility that you used to enjoy. It allows you to do basic tasks such as navigating comfortably inside or outside your home with very little or no assistance from a caregiver. You will be able to take trips to the grocery store, to the park or to the mall and still enjoy the independence.

To help you decide, ask for feedback from people who are familiar with the product or those who also use them. Ask about the level of comfort and whether or not a particular model is durable and convenient to use. Don’t be afraid to ask around. The more information you have, the better your chances are at finding the right handicap scooter for you or your loved one.

There are many types of handicapped scooters to help those who need the most help in living purposeful, productive lives:



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