Rum Drink Ideas


When you go to a bar and ask for your favorite drink there is a chance that you will find some form of rum in it. Now these many rum drinks are taken into account as being very delicious. You can easily savor the smooth relaxing flavor of rum while you are drinking your current mixed drink favorite.

While numerous individuals savor drinking rum both on its own and in other drinks there are numerous bartenders who have diverse recipes for these superior drinks. The most interesting aspect about rum drinks is that you will find both light and dark rum drinks. These 2 rum drinks may have rum as the primary base however they have 2 distinct flavors to them. To be able to relish the smooth taste of light rum you will need to purchase these rum drinks from Trinidad, Barbados, Puerto Rico and other South Caribbean Islands.

The light rum drinks are made from sugar cane molasses that have been boiled down, distilled and fermented to a clear pale gold color. You will find that the alcohol strength of these drinks is that of 80 proof. Now to get the distinctive taste of light rum you will find that this rum drink has been aged for about six months to a year’s time in oak casks.

The dark rum drinks on the other hand while they undergo the same initial treatment as the light rum drinks have a richer and heavier flavor than light rums. It is moreover very aromatic and the color of dark rum drinks is seen to be amber to a handsome rich Mahogany color. The alcohol strength but is the same as the light rum drinks.

To be able to savor the fantastic flavor of dark rum drinks the rum needs to mature in oak casks for about 3 to twelve years. sometimes these dark rum drinks will have caramel flavoring added to them. The best countries that produce dark rum drinks are Martinique, Jamaica and Haiti. There are numerous people who will use these tremendous rum drinks to add flavor and punch to their drinks however there are moreover others who love to drink the rum all by itself.

This is the best way to enjoy the smooth flavor of rum – in the manner that is reminiscent of fine brandy. Now there is just one more item to add about rum drinks and that is the 150 proof rums are additionally good additions to all of your desserts and drinks that need to be flambéed. So the next time that you want a smooth tropical drink, just permit the velvety taste of rum slide down your throat. This is one experience that will add some punch to your life.



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