Repairing A Frost Free Leaky Outdoor Faucet Is Not Very Difficult


A leaky outdoor faucet or spigot is very important to repair as soon as possible as it adds a lot of extra units in your water bills. A leaky outdoor faucet could also damage your home or yard. Therefore, purchase the required tools and initiate the repairing process as soon as possible.

To repair the leak, first of all determine that from which point the leak is actually caused. Check whether the leak is occurring around the top cap that is situated just behind the handle.

Generally this cap gets loose on frost free outdoor faucets and you need to tight it back using your hands. The reason for loosening of this cap is due to changes in seasonal temperatures or simply from frequent use of the faucet.

Your faucet spout might also be leaking and for confirming that you need to fully turn off the handle and check it. The main reason for this kind of leakage is failure of washer used behind the faucet handle. For replacing the washer, you first need to shut off the water supply to this faucet. This can be done by turning off the shut off valve that is located either inside the home or in the basement.

Now turn on the outdoor faucet to its full extent so that all the pressure inside it could be relieved out and also the water present in it could be drained out fully. Now take a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the handle onto the faucet. When the screws are removed, take out the handle outside.

Once you have taken out the faucet handle, with the help of a wrench remove the faucet nut that is situated behind the handle. It is basically a washer that sits behind the faucet nut and fails. Therefore, remove it using your fingers or small screw driver and check if there is any damage or wear. If it is present then replace the washer.

Besides this, clear any dirt and grime present in the internal faucet (sillcock). You can flush away the grime with the help of water. After doing the replacement and clearing the internal faucet area, you can attach back the faucet nut cap, the handle and the screw that holds the handle onto the faucet.

At last, start the water supply by turning on the valve within the basement or utility room to the outdoor faucet. Now check out the leakage problem, it must have solved by now.

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