Rehearsed Moves in Wrestling


Wrestling moves are not straight-forward, as if you are not looking closely, you could believe that the throws are real. At the moment, I am still a little reluctant to fill you in on the throws, since I am not a wrestling fan, however my son is, and he is going to give us the inside information on wrestling moves to help you see wrestling for what it is, false.

For instance, one of the oldest moves is the ‘banana splits’, although, these days, the move is now famous as the ‘leg splits’. This move involves the one wrestler putting both hands on the legs of the other wrestler and pushing the legs apart as far as they will go. This move will force the wrestler to put his/her own shoulders to the mat. If the wrestling move were genuine and the wrestler failed to give in, his/her legs would rip some muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.

The ‘Cobra Clutch’ is another of the holds that would in reality cause agony. The cobra move is universally recognizable as the cross chokes or arm locks. The challenging wrestler will come from the back of the other pugilist and using a single arm in the “Nelson Hold”. The opponent will then use his/her arm to tug the wrestler’s arm trying to prevent him from pulling across the neckline and choking him as a result. The back clutch, or bombard is similar but the challenging wrestler is on his back under his opponent extending his arms upward from behind.

The ‘Rock Bottom’ moves entail the adversary pulling his opponents arm over his shoulder. The wrestler then places the opponents arm over his/her shoulder and lifts and dives forward onto the mat. During this attack, the challenger is hitting the mat head first, which if actually executed, would break some bones, or else cause some serious pain.

The ‘Choke Slam’ involves the attacker placing a hand on the opponent, gripping him and then lifting his arm close by his opposite side, over his shoulder. Then he lifts the opponent and throws him to the mat.

The ‘Big Boot’ is a running attack. The wrestler kicks up his boot, connecting with the head of his opponent. So, a boot in the face, in other words! This would definitely put a person on his/her rear any time, causing the kicked person to feel severe concussion for a short time.

What makes wrestling so enthralling is the shouting, the costumes, the characters and the throws. If you think of the movie Superman, and how he dresses, you will see that without his outfit he wouldnt have any character appeal as Superman. Likewise, the wrestlers wear outfits that make them seem like they are super heroes of the ring, punishing the baddies. Each wrestler has his/her persona in the ring. It is usually quite placid, but made to look violent!

Wrestling has rules, as well as restrictions although the moves are phoney. Wrestlers must respect the ropes of the ring, as well as the colour codes in the ring. There are also styles of wrestling, which include the folk style, freestyle and Greco Romanian styles.

The styles have their own set of rules, however freestyle and folk style are similar. Usually, the styles are enacted so well that you wouldn’t know whether the wrestlers are using the freestyle, folk style, or Greco style.

As with a script, most of the moves are composed and rehearsed, which means that a director is off camera using his/her hands to direct the wrestlers in the rings. For the most part, wrestling is nothing more than an act with a few exemptions like when the KAYFABE brakes down, when a real fight can break out. The KAYFABE is wrestling’s means of verbal communication.

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