Recalls: Explosion from Jeep Fuel Tanks!


Individuals spend a great deal of time in their cars. Some experts suggest that the average commuter is behind the wheel for around 520 hours per year—or almost three weeks! It should come as no surprise, then, that most men and women want to make sure that their vehicles are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, a recent Jeep recall means that more and more drivers are at risk when using their car.

Dangers of Fuel Tank Defects

So what, exactly, are the dangers associated with this recent Jeep recall? According to Reuters, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encouraged Chrysler—the maker of Jeep—to recall the vehicle when reports emerged about the dangers associated with the placement of certain Jeep components.

Specifically, some older models of Jeeps feature a fuel tank that is housed behind the rear axel, a strange spot for this highly combustible piece of Jeep automotive equipment. While Chrysler is complying with this recommended recall, they stand behind their vehicle and continue to endorse the safety and reliability of this specific brand of automobile.

Injuries and Deaths Associated with Fuel Tank Defects

Most cars, trucks, and SUVs aren’t recalled just for kicks—in most cases, a recall occurs when one type of car is involved in the same type of accident over and over again. In fact, the current Jeep recall happened as the result of several car fires that occurred following rear-end crashes. Estimates suggest that as many as 51 men, women, and children were injured or killed as a result of car fires after rear end collisions. Manufacturers hope that by recalling the Jeep models involved in these accidents, lives can be saved and the roads can be made safer for all involved.

Which Vehicles Have Been Recalled?

Identifying the specific models of Jeep involved in this recall is crucial for all individuals who own this model of car. As of now, Chrysler is encouraging those who own Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs from model years 1993 to 2004 and Jeep Liberty SUVs from 2002 to 2007 to bring their vehicle into an authorized mechanic for further inspection. It is important to note, however, that as research into this recall continues, additional models of the vehicle may be included. In most cases, the sooner this inspection is completed, the better the final result for all Jeep owners.

Maintain Jeep Safety

There is no question that maintaining Jeep safety—and preventing Jeep fires—is crucial not only for the makers of this SUV, but also for those who own one. And while there are a number of ways in which a single individual can keep their car, truck, or SUV safe, continuing to watch for Jeep recalls is, perhaps, one of the most important. Bringing vehicles into a mechanic for regular tune-ups is also helpful, even when the car is running as it should. By following these basic recommendations, drivers can ensure the safety of their vehicles for years to come.



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