Pros and Cons of Taking Testosterone Supplements


There is a great side as well as a bad side to the use of testosterone as a supplement to diet for the treatment of certain conditions. Testosterone, of course, is the natural drug in the body that is responsible for the development of male traits in that gender.

Testosterone is furthermore a drug that surges in men who are under appealing stress or who are competing athletically. though overall, it is a expert natural drug the body produces that is essential for the health of whole men.

The negative side of utilizing additional testosterone as a supplement to diet is that it has been used extensively by athletes as a way of enhancing their ability to gain muscle weight as well as to make them more capable during competition.

The plague of drug enhanced performances has been a trial for every sport there is from baseball to the Olympic Games as well as universally, athletes who use steroids and testosterone forms of supplements are disqualified from winning because they are not competing with their natural strength.

It is inarguably too bad that the utilize of this sort of supplement has undergone such controversy to the extent that the utilize of testosterone has developed a negative stereotype.

It is good to realize that legitimate medical science has seen valid uses for the introduction of testosterone on both male as well as female patients because it does have some positive medical potential to treat certain dreadful diseases.

Without a doubt, the most hopeful utilise of testosterone treatments in elderly men and women has been in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. There is no doubt that Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most dread diseases that plaques far too numerous of our elderly.

The search for a cure or at least a prevention of Alzheimer’s has been a focus of medical science. Anyone who has had to watch a loved one decline due to this cruel disease will be glad for any treatment that can be of aid to others in the future.

The thing that gave scientists the clue that testosterone could be helpful in preventing this as well as other difficulties related to aging is the noted decline in testosterone in the elderly which lead to the theory that by supplementing the patient’s testosterone levels, that gave the elderly patient a greater chance of fighting off the onset of Alzheimer’s.

While the research is nevertheless ongoing, we can be glad that despite the controversies surrounding the use of testosterone as a supplement, medical science is finding tremendous in the treatment.



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