Preventing Head Lice: Methods for Ensuring a Lice Free Home


No one likes to think of their kids getting lice but it happens. Preventing lice may not seem possible but it is easier than you think. Lice are transmitted from one person to the other. They can’t live off of the host as they need blood to live on. They don’t crawl into a house and they can’t jump long distances from one person to the next. There are some basic steps you can take to prevent your child getting lice.

Keep Watch on the Situation

If your child has personal items or things they use that other children come in contact with such as a car seat clean them on a regular basis. Pillows, nap mats and even head phones should be kept clean and checked often. Check your child often for signs of lice especially if they are in school or involved in group activities. Heading it off will prevent having to use rid lice treatments.

No Sharing

It seems we spend a good deal of our time teaching our kids to share. But when it comes to lice, that advice goes out the window. Sharing certain things should never happen. You need to teach your children they should never share personal items that may come in contact with another child’s head. This includes the usual things like hair brushes, hats and combs. But keep in mind, kids often share things like sleeping, blankets and pillows. Try to avoid even situations like all the kids dumping their coats in one pile at a school function. Make them hang them in their own hook. It’s easier to prevent head lice than to treat it.

Keep Track of Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of infestation can help you deal with lice early on. Your child can have small red bumps on their scalp and the back of the neck. Of course, there is the typical itching that occurs as well. If this does happen you will need to get busy treating head lice so it doesn’t spread. There are lots of rid lice treatments out there but you need to choose wise. Most of these products are not FDA approved. But our rid lice treatment is. You can treat your child safely and effectively with our product.

Belinda Mooney writes about treating head lice properly and effectively. Lice is an issue that effects over one million Americans annually, mostly children. Yet many people fail in their attempts to get rid of head lice as days and weeks go by. We provide helpful advice, and products recommended by medical professionals.



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