How to Prepare Your Garden For Summer: 4 DIY things to do


When the climate starts to get warmer, and spring and summer start to approach, your mind will turn from your home to your garden. Every garden needs a little TLC in order to get it ready for the summer months, when it will get a lot more use. Gardens tend to be a little neglected during the winter months and all the tools get put away, but the minute the weather starts to improve you should head out into your garden and start preparing it for the better climate. Here are a few DIY jobs you can be getting on with:

Mow the Lawn

Firstly the lawn will need a thorough mowing. Keeping the grass neat and trim is a great idea and something you will have to keep on top of all Gardensummer long. Making sure that it is weed-free and trimming it at the beginning of the warmer season will set you off on the right foot. While you’re at it, weed the flowerbeds and neaten up the trims around them. Take some pruning shears and cut back any large bushes or trees so that they look neat and tidy.

Paint the Fence

The fence around your garden will have suffered during the colder months. Now is the time to get some varnish or some paint, and restore it to its former glory. Pay particular attention to the gate and make sure that any loose fastenings are tightened or replaced. Fix any problems with the fence so that you know that come summer the garden will be secure. This is especially important if you have dogs or small children, both of which love nothing better than a small escape route from the garden!


Make sure that your shed is emptied, tidied and restocked carefully. This is the place where you will keep your garden equipment, your tools and even the children’s toys when they are not in use. Having a nice big storage area in the garden will really help keep your garden clutter free. Tidy up all of your gardening accessories such as flowerpots, seed trays and watering cans and make sure that everything is well-organized in the shed.

Lay Some Decking

LawnIf your garden doesn’t already have decking then the chances are it will benefit from it! Not only is it a great place to put a table and chairs for entertaining, you will also find that it provides plenty of storage underneath for large items such as bikes and surfboards. Fitting decking is something that some people attempt themselves, so if you are confident in your DIY skills then go right ahead! However, if you are feeling a little nervous about attempting it, then it’s better to hire a general contractor who will happily do the job for you (in a fraction of the time that it would take you!)

Make the most of this improving weather and prepare your garden for a long hot summer. The more you do now, the less you will have to do when the sun finally arrives!

The author of this post is Michael Anderson. He works as a general contractor in Mount Snow. He has a keen interest in home décor and likes to share his opinions via blogging.

License: Creative Commons Flickr
License: Creative Commons Flickr



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