Pregnancy Nutrition Guide and Plan


You’ve been trying and trying to become pregnant and now it’s finally happened. You’re pregnant. Excitement hits at you, and you suddenly can’t wait to get back home and tell everyone the good news. Naturally enough you’re on the phone the minute you enter your house. You’ve kicked off your high heeled shoes because that can give you a bad back, and worse you might fall, so you decide to donate them to charity. Even as you talk a number of things are running through your head and your pregnancy nutrition is uppermost in your mind.

What can you eat? You know that some things are bad for your growing baby like alcohol and cigarettes, but what about other things. Will you have to cut back on coffee and tea entirely to take the caffeine out of your diet, or will you be able to get by with the first reviving sip of coffee early in the morning.

A thought strikes you, will you even be able to hold down a gulp a coffee? You remember how ill your best friend was in the early stages of her pregnancy nutrition matters fly right out of your head at this rather dire thought. No coffee for a whole nine months? What about when the baby is born, will you be able to have any then if you’re breast feeding?

And what about all those lovely prawn cocktails, and that perfectly gorgeous lobster in cream sauce that you adore so much? Would you have to go without all that for such a long time? You furiously start scribbling notes to yourself to be able to ask the doctor the next time you see him.

Your next call naturally enough is to your mother who has been through all this twice before and can help to guide you through the murky waters which the whole pregnancy nutrition question put into your head.

Finally you’re done, all your calls are made, your mother has reassured you on many points, and now you can just sit back, relax and bask in the glow that you’re finally pregnant. Your thoughts rush ahead to the future and you slip into a more comfortable chair. Your first impulse to grab a glass of wine is quelled. You have other things to consider now, pregnancy nutrition and what you can possibly prepare for dinner to celebrate such a special occasion.

The next time you run by your doctor’s office you get yourself sorted on all those questions that had been bothering you ever since you first learned you were pregnant (and the list is by now considerably long!). You smile in pleasure and just before you head out the door your doctor hands you a small booklet. It’s called “Pregnancy Nutrition and You”. Your smile grows wider and you head out the door with a singing heart and a light step.



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