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Treat the family to some fishy food. A seafood restaurant Santa Monica will serve-up well-known favorites and unusual treats from the deep. If you are uncertain what the kids will like, take a look on-line. Several post their menus and opening hours there like the following examples.

Ocean Wave will heat food and they do own an oven, but that is trivial if you prefer your fish uncooked. Their raw bar features a lot of oysters. Retreat from the heat with chilled and iced temptations.

Order a dish that feeds one, two, or a table of hungry customers. Ocean Wave also serves food from the land. They cater to steak and chicken-lovers. Finish with dessert such as key lime and coconut tart or sorbet. Pair your meal from the wine list or order their suggested wine. They have a Happy Hour too.

Somewhere like Enterprise Fish Co. Opens its doors to fish lovers in large numbers. Host a banquet here where lunch or dinner will be served with wine and beer. Look out for dishes such as calamari, pot stickers and Dungeness Crab.

From around the country and the continent come some fine foods from the sea. BC salmon will provide flavor and omega fatty acids. Try Pacific Red Snapper for another pink fish. Asian inspiration includes Miso-glazed White Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna. Instead of a formal dinner, ask for the bar menu. Dishes on the list include Popcorn Shrimp Tacos and Dim Sum Shrimp. Wash it all down with a beer, or maybe a hot coffee made warmer with the addition of brandy, Baileys or Kahlua.

The Lobster is an historic building dating back a century. It stands where it always has, overlooking the pier. Guests enjoy fine views out to sea with their meals. Culinary geography takes one to Alaska for their Halibut, up the Pacific for Sole, then across to Australia where the Barramundi lives before landing on your plate. Lobster, of course, plays a critical part of the menu. Try it in salad, a roll or one of the other creations available. This restaurant is available for small and large group bookings.

Like The Lobster, The Galley has served many seasons as a site for seafood-lovers. They come here to dine al fresco or indoors on fine afternoons. The food includes jumbo shrimp, pasta and fish, or poultry for the people with terrestrial tastes. Their venue is available for private bookings. Most people just stop by for supper on fine evenings or lazy afternoons.

Seafood Restaurant Santa Monica

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