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Independent testing laboratories which can offer analytical testing services by based in the UK, which can offer laboratory testing services to organizations. Testing facilities that can offer testing services and bio analytical services to an array of products. Laboratories which offer testing for raw materials, API’s, chemicals, polymers, plastics and pesticides which can produce testing procedures, method development and standard operating procedures.

There are lots of testing laboratory facilities which offer lots of different testing service in Environmental analysis, Industrial testing, Product analysis, Pharmaceuticals including organic and inorganic products, thousands of different chemicals, testing by wet chemistry, Food stuffs including testing on food packaging, breaking down products to identify their chemical formulation, looking at products being developed and testing the quality of a product for quality purposes.

Laboratory testing companies always focus on producing quality test results which keep them at the forefront of being a leading provider. Data handling of test results is the key to producing results on time, without error possible, this should be done in the standard way whilst up holding their integrity and having the capability of being to produce results to the clients requirements.

There are lots of different ways of delivering information for test results, these usually include electronic data which can be delivered by email or by website upload within a couple of minutes of finishing a test. All lab testing facilities should have experience in providing electronic data to clients. Clients data should always be secure both in the lab and of site, additionally made available to download instantly as it becomes available, the information produced should act as a back up to form a traceability procedure.

There are lots of different laboratories which offer lots of different analytical tests, procedures and method development covering all types of materials, chemicals for pharmaceuticals, food stuffs, plastics and polymers, organic and inorganic products. They can develop products for further development and can produce tests for quality control purposes, method development and validation of products is key in the industry, to do this laboratories employ experienced scientific technicians to carry out tests to produce accurate results, which are reproducible and reliable. Laboratories provide testing services and support for every industry sector. Laboratory instruments are required to carry out the work in the first instance.

Generally contract testing laboratories use the following instrumentation to carry out the analysis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, FTIR/ATR, Atomic Absorption, Spectrometers, High Power Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography Mass Spec, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, Ion Chromatography, Surface Mass, Centrifuges, 1200/1600deg Furnaces, ICP MS, ICP OES, Bomb Calorimeters and Accelerated Solvent Extraction.

Testing and analytical testing laboratories perform physical tests, chemical tests, clinical tests and analytical chemistry and analytical testing services for commercial reasons. Such analytical activities occur in a laboratory environment, employing testing facilities. Lots of testing involves maintenance in the environment, products and industrial standards, in accordance with governmental regs. The market for testing is still continuing to grow every; companies out-sourcing testing will outpace testing in house in. Over the years, testing facilities are called upon in frequency to help companies to send products to market a lot quicker, and together with their customers, are responding to an ever-changing regulatory focus.

With the advent of all the new regulations, both European and worldwide, there is much more pressure on manufacturers to test accurately, effectively and efficiently. Indeed, private contract testing laboratories that design and implement testing programs for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical device and specialty chemical industries have experienced a significant elevation in requests for testing systems to meet European regulations, in addition to products making multiple commercial, health or therapeutic claims. In terms of outsourced testing services, the ‘driving-force’ arises from industrial concerns’ requirement to deliver products and services to market rapidly and as effectively as possible, with the added demand to meet and satisfy both European and worldwide regulations.

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