Organic Hair Dye : The Chemical Free Hair Color


Even although there is hundreds of hair dyes obtainable in the market today, none of them are 100% organic or natural. They can be ammonia-free or contain some natural oil to give your hair that extra glow, but all of them contain hydrogen peroxide, a chemical consequential to dramatically transmute hair color.

But if you want to utilize a completely organic hair dye then the optimal alternatives are homemade hair dyes. You can utilise natural plant extracts plus spices to color your hair. But this procedure can take days, weeks or even months to have a dramatic transmute in your hair color. therefore you need to be committed to organic hair dye process so that you may have the hair color you wish without utilising chemicals.

If you have dark hair the procedure of changing hair color into a lighter shade will take a bit lengthier. But you can keep repeating this process pending you get the preferred end results. A natural hair lightener would be a mixture of 1 cup lemon juice, besides three cups chamomile tea. Massage this mixture in your hair moreover sit under the sun for a good number of time. You may repeat this procedure few times a week to get quicker results.

Another organic hair dye is a mixture of mashed organic Rhubarb with 4oz pineapple juice. Massage this mixture deep into the hair plus spend a good number of time in the sun. You can similarly apply ¾ cup honey with 1 ½ cup plain yogurt to damp hair. Wrap the hair with cloth or saran wrap in addition allow it sit for eight to ten hours. Then rinse moreover wash hair with shampoo.

Yet another organic hair dye is a mixture of 4 tbsp cinnamon powder with 8 oz yogurt. Massage this into hair what’s more allow it sit for 30 minutes in addition then wash what’s more rinse hair.

If you have light hair what’s more wish to darken it then there are some organic hair dye recipes that will darken plus enhance your hair and likewise give you that extra shine.

Boil down mixture of ½ cup dry sage with two cups water. Strain the mixture besides permit it cool. Apply this into hair moreover leave for 40 minutes then wash in addition rinse hair. You may similarly boil down 1/3 cup walnut shells, 3 black tea bags in two ½ cups water. Strain the mixture moreover allow it cool in room temperature. Apply into hair plus leave till next shampoo.

You may likewise brew some coffee while leaving it black. allow the mixture to cool what’s more massage hair with it moreover allow it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse hair with warm water.

All the above methods of lightening furthermore darkening your hair will need to be repeated complete a period of time to give you optimal results. Your hair shaft will not transform color in a single application. But these organic ways of coloring your hair will surely leave your hair healthy in addition chemical-free while it changes your hair color gradually.



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