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Psychic readings involving the interpretation of shapes and symbols formed by tea leaves in a cup have an ancient history involving a wealth of tradition. Though considered more an art than a science, the practice has developed over time to include a host of traditionally accepted meanings of particular shapes formed by the dark tea leaves. An understanding of these traditional meanings is of great assistance to any psychic who wishes to enhance his or her ability to interpret what is seen.

To many observers, two of the symbol interpretations should be obvious to everyone. The cat represents deceit, an interpretation with which few dog owners would disagree. Tea leaves in the shape of a question mark indicate, of course, a question unresolved. There are hundreds of other shapes, and traditional interpretations for each. The best psychics use a combination of these traditional meanings in conjunction with their own intuition to develop the best results for their psychic readings. So now that you know what most of them mean Im sure youre as curious as I am to go and get your professional psychic reading done too! However there arent too many psychics who use this practice for readings but any other form of a psychic reading will do just fine! All psychic readings are informative to those who believe as well as a whole lot of fun. So go ahead be optimistic and get your reading today!

Psychic energy as a concept was developed when German scientist Ernst von Brucke first asserted in 1874 that every living being consists of an energy system. He further proposed that we are all thus bound by the principle of conservation of energy. This work was expanded upon by both Sigmund Freud in his conceptualization of the id, and by Carl Jung who wrote an essay on the subject in 1928. Of course, this early work was done in the name of psychodynamics, but the basic laws of physics are simple to understand. Physics teaches us that all solid objects are manifestations of energy as it vibrates. Invisible waves follow the same principle with electricity, x-rays, sound waves and psychic energy vibrating as well.

The truth about psychic energy is simpler than that. It is a force, invisible to the eye, which consists of waves of mental energy that can pierce the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds. The mind is, after all, an energy producing engine that transmits and receives these waves on a continual basis. Our thoughts are waves of energy, which can be used to communicate with spirits and the divine when channeled by gifted psychics of strong will.

Developed more recently, and obviously inspired by the Tarot, are decks known as Oracle cards. Like the Tarot, they are used for psychic readings by some, but the cards do not contain the same images, or even use the same deck structure. In the place of the traditional Tarot cards (the Empress, Death, the Fool, etc.) the Oracle deck contains images of goddesses, angels, fairies, and the like. In addition, many Oracle decks are without numbered suit cards. Thought by some to perhaps be the next evolution of Tarot cards, Oracle decks continue to grow in popularity; However most professional psychics still use the old fashion tarot cards to give true readings everyday to many around the world.

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