NREMT Exam Study Tips


Study Time – Provide plenty of time beforehand to review. NREMT exams are not one thing you should cram for. Make a schedule and develop a habit of studying during the time prior to your exam. Allocate the start of each study session when you are most alert to the areas you have the most frustration. It’s good practice to study that evening, the material you talked about that day. If you go to an evening NREMT class, study immediately the next morning.

Audio Tools – Audio Reviews like those you can play on an MP3 player or play on a CD in your car can be a good source for review. The repetition of concepts and theories can genuinely enhance what you learn while in class and study from your notes and textbooks. These usually are fantastic study resources for all those periods when you would normally not be able to study like traveling, working out, jogging, etc.

Review Outlines – One quite useful tool you can generate while you review is to sum up and outline the content to be made use of later on as a study sheet. Doing this accomplishes two tasks; First, it provides you with a fast, summary of your material for review in the future, and by outlining and re-writing your material, it reinforces what you learned that day. Anytime you re-write an idea in your own terms, it really reinforces those concepts.

Exam Flashcards – Flashcards do the job very well, especially when you need to memorize terminology or simple concepts like drug actions, indications and dosages. The usage of flashcards will really enhance your study time. Not to mention, flashcards printed on notecards are simple to take with you wherever you go so you can make use of downtime to study such as when you travel, during lunch, etc. When creating your study flashcards, be sure to place them into groups for quick “grab and go” review.

Teachers – Don’t limit the expertise of your instructor to merely the amount of time you spend in school. Most teachers are more than happy to help you outside of class, particularly if you’re having difficulties with a specific topic. With the NREMT exam, it’s critical that you thoroughly understand all of the difficult topics that you will be expected to understand during your assessment.

Review Groups – This is HUGE! If you don’t currently have a study group together, get one. Keep two things in mind when you are trying to get study partners; Those that seem to “Get It” in class and those that live close to you. The first one is obvious. It doesn’t do you any good to study with individuals that are really struggling unless you think that by assisting these individuals you yourself will acquire more expertise which often occurs. They claim that if you can explain a concept, then you genuinely understand it. The second is also important. Find individuals that live in the vicinity of you. You will be more likely to maintain a study schedule if you reside near each other as opposed to one of you having to travel an hour or more each time you plan on studying. Also, keep your review sessions to a reasonable amount of time and have a strategy on what you will cover. I like 2-3 hours.

Practice Tests – Practice Exams are at the bottom on purpose. While I believe practice exams can be useful, I feel that individuals frequently depend on them way too much. They take a few practice assessments from a book they bought, do rather well, and feel they’re done. This can actually give someone false hope. I do feel that practice assessments are great for helping to identify the areas you ought to focus your study. With that being said, the most effective way to pass the NREMT is to simply understand your material. I feel that mixing a good practice exam with a good paramedic audio study guide, flashcards and review sheets are the most useful.

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