New Techniques in Water Damage Mitigation


The water damage industry is a changing industry. Many of the more advanced companies are applying a new drying method known as Applied Structural Drying or ASD

Courses in ASD are being taught in drying schools such as the Aquadry Drying Academy and The Water Institute in Indiana. These schools offer comprehensive training and hands on experience. After an intense classroom lecture series the students put the methods to work in flood houses that are buildings equipped with special sensors to monitor the students drying process.

Insurers and restoration professionals make up the bulk of the students in these classes and both sides walk away with an appreciation in the advanced techniques being taught.

The schools start off by tearing down many of the old school methods that have been used in the past such ad incorrect equipment allocation and moisture detection techniques. The schools have often been described as water damage boot camps.

The first thing these schools teach is the science of drying or psychometrics. Psychometrics is the study of how temperature, relative humidity and absolute humidity relate to each other. These studies can then be related to how much and what type of equipment is necessary to preform optimally on building drying projects.

Temperature and humidity sensors are located in the flood houses and are used to evaluate the students progess as they attempt to dry the structure.

I personally was so impressed with Dewalds program that I asked my company to permanently loan him over $50,000 of drying equipment for his students to use.

A property owner should not even consider hiring a company with no credentials in this day and age. improper training can mean thousands of dollars in savings not to mention a healthy and mold free environment at the end of a project.

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