New Bladder Control Medication Over The Counter – List, Side Effects


Most persons experience bladder control difficulties at some point in their lives what’s more sometimes simple tips such as foregoing caffeine what’s more alcohol or attractive in pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, seem to work.

At other times, they do not, what’s more this is when some opt to take bladder control medication.

Bladder control medication is seen to be particularly facilitative if the urinary leakage is thought to be caused by urge incontinence or an overactive bladder.

Some of the drugs prescribed to reduce the functioning of an overactive bladder inhibit the chemical acetylcholine, which is thought to aggravate abnormal bladder contractions.

This bladder control medication falls under the category of Anticholinergic drugs, in addition medicine such as Ditropan, Detrol moreover Sanctura are just a good number of of the drugs that are covered through its generic umbrella.

Such drugs are most often meant to be taken orally but a good number of are even obtainable in the form of a medicated skin patch or cream.

Adverse reactions to these drugs are commonly minimal additionally the most normally received complaint to medication taken orally is that it end results in a dry mouth, while skin patches plus creams can lead to skin irritations in certain individuals.

The antidepressant drug Imipramine helps in the relaxation of bladder muscles additionally is another bladder control medication that is ofttimes prescribed.

Its primary side effect is said to be a resultant drowsiness while a little percentage of its users may experience an irregular heartbeat, dizziness or blurred vision.

A frequent cause of urinary incontinence is said to be the weak supportive tissue surrounding the bladder state.

To sophisticated further, when a woman reaches the post-menopausal stage in her life, estrogen (which commonly serves to enhance nerve function moreover helps control tissue deterioration)

hits a low, so in repair to rectify this, a good number of physicians dictate topical estrogen cream as a order of bladder control medication,

which commonly proves to be most streamlined when combined with other therapies.

The anti-diuretic hormone lessens the production of urine, so bladder control medication such as Desmopress which is a repair of hormone replacement therapy is sometimes prescribed to control urinary incontinence.

This may result in undue water retention or might cause a sodium deficiency, in which case your physician requires to be informed, so that alternative options of treatment can be explored.

Botox injections are also part of the bladder control medication prescribed at present.

Nonetheless prior to going on any course of medication, it must be re-iterated that self-diagnosis is inadvisable, and consulting a qualified physician is beyond doubt needed.



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