Neck Braces- How They Can Help Your Neck Injury & How to Choose the Right Brace


If you have ever injured your neck in a car accident or while playing sports you know how painful a neck injury can be.

If you have a neck injury you may want to consider using a neck brace. Neck braces are sometimes also called cervical collars.

How can neck braces help me? Neck braces help to keep the head from moving, help to relieve neck pain, and may help the neck to heal properly.

A brace can support the head so the weight of the head is taken off the neck. This helps the soft tissues in the neck to heal.

The brace can also keep the neck bones aligned. So if you have just had surgery, this can help the healing process.

How do you choose the right neck brace? This depends on the type of neck injury you have and how long it will take to heal.

You can choose from soft collar neck braces that wrap around the neck to stiff or rigid braces that are made of hard plastic.

The harder neck braces are more comfortable to wear as they have soft pads on the inside.

When you choose a brace, you should not be able to move your head and you chin should rest well on the brace. Your brace also needs to fit snugly.

Most people need to use a brace because of a neck sprain. A neck sprain occurs when the ligaments in the neck are stretched or torn.

Common causes of a neck sprain are things like playing contact sports. Or, it can be as the result of a car accident.

For people with neck strains there are many types of braces they can use. You may need a brace for a broken neck (also known as a fractured or broken cervical vertebrae).

Depending on your needs, choosing the right brace can help.

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