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People are always like that, when they are busy, they’ll complain about having too much workload; when they are on holiday, they’ll complain about having too much free time! If I offended you, I’m sorry! But at least I am such a person!

What does my holiday do with the topic? One day I was on holiday and was having too much free time that I felt so bored and decided to watch a film. I picked “Mama Mia” as I love musical.

The movie draws our attention on the mother’s affairs with her three handsome boyfriends. But I was also attracted by the girls’ wedding party. The girl and her husland go to a church on hill-top with their friends and relatives in the morning. The girl’s dress is so beautiful!

The movie focuses on talking about the mother’s romantic history but I was attracted by the daughter’s lovely wedding party. On the morning of the wedding day, the bride and the bridegroom go up to a church on a beautiful hill with their friends and relatives, to have their wedding ceremony. The girl wears a dress which is very classic.

In the evening, they have a very amazing party. Live band on show and the girl’s mother and two aunts, ‘the dancing queens’ sing and the party is on full swing! All people dance happily together!

The party will start on a beach with many hot girls waering bikini and the most delicious cocktails and all types of alcohols! It would be even more memorable if I can get into a hot air balloon and go around the island with my sweetheart!

After the awesome beach party, the wedding party will go in-door in a room with gorgeous decorations in the evening so that everyone can dance with the live band playing!

That is really great and exciting! How about if my honey would like a winter wedding? I am still planning! So how about your dream wedding? Party with bikini girls? On a beach or under-water? That sounds great too! Day-dreaming always gives us fun so why not think about your own dream wedding?

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