Miraculous Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular these days. Having bad teeth is no longer permissible as there are different techniques to alter the way you smile to the world. There are huge assortments of treatments available that include bridges, veneers, white fillings, crowns and so forth. The cosmetic dentist in Anchorage offers a wide range of treatments to obtain that perfect smile.

Different Types of Treatments

Veneers: One of the most significant treatments in cosmetic dentistry is the versatile use of veneers. It is mainly used to cover bad and broken teeth, stained teeth, crowding in the mouth, close gaps and reshape the teeth. Veneers are basically thin slices of porcelain, which can be colored and shaped to blend with the existing teeth. It can be used in various ways to thicken the teeth, increase the dimension of the tooth and make it thicker and longer. A chemical bonding agent is used to bond the veneer onto the existing tooth.

Teeth whitening: With the passage of time and age, the color of the teeth tends to deteriorate. Tooth whitening is mainly advised for people who have stained teeth due to the use of tobacco, tea, coffee and other beverages that tend to stain the teeth. There are different techniques and methods to whiten the teeth perfectly. All these methods vary in costs according to its specifications and processes. The laser technique, the kick-start laser technique and the home kit techniques are some of the most common methods of whitening the teeth.

Bridges: One of the best methods to bridge gaps between the teeth is through the use of bridges. Porcelain is mainly used to build the bridges which are then cemented to the teeth. The color of these bridges is chosen according to the color of the existing teeth. The middle crown mimics the original tooth and it fills the gap between the teeth. The other two crowns are hollow in space and fits above the real teeth.

Teeth straightening: For cosmetic teeth straightening, the dentist usually gives a local anesthesia to the patients as a surgical device is used to reshape the gums so that it suits the veneers. Veneers are used to shape the teeth.

Caps or crowns: Another benefit of cosmetic dentistry is the use of caps or crowns. Crowns are usually made of porcelain or metal after taking the impression of the tooth. It is usually made in the laboratories. The old tooth is ground so as to fix the crown onto the top of the tooth.

A white filling is another cosmetic dentistry solution which helps to fill small gaps, chipped teeth. It is usually made of resin and glass particles. Various types of cosmetic dentistry treatments are offered by the dentist in Anchorage.



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