Microsoft Excel 2007 Training Courses And How To Find Them


Having taken the plunge and upgraded to Excel 2007, you will almost certainly benefit from some training. Which type of training you choose depends on your existing experience in using the program. However, in general, the ideal course will first of all rid you of the disorientation most Excel users feel when faced with the new interface. In addition, your training course should show you how to make the most of the new features version 2007 has to offer.

One of the key benefits you should look to derive from any training on Excel 2007 will be to regain the confidence level you achieved when using the previous version. You need to be shown the logic of the new interface, where your favourite features have been moved to, and how you can start working as quickly in 2007 as you did in Excel 2003.

In addition to this, however, you will want to learn the new features: the stuff that either wasn’t available in previous versions or which has undergone considerable enhancement.

One fundamental new feature in Excel 2007 is the dimension of a worksheet which is now about 1000 times bigger (in terms of the number of cells) than previous versions. A good training session should show you how to fully exploit the space available and how to quickly navigate and manage the larger worksheets that will result.

Your training should also include demonstrations and explanations of pivot tables, a feature which has been revamped and improved in Excel 2007. If you or your colleagues have not used pivot tables to any great extent before, the training should begin by reviewing basic pivot table concepts before moving on to look at what the newer version has to offer.

Charts have been given a big overhaul. So be sure your training includes coverage of the special effects available in Excel 2007 charting and graphics. Your training course should cover such features as the format, design and layout ribbons and how to use SmartArt graphics and shapes. If charting is particularly important in your organisation, then make sure your training covers things like trendlines, scatter charts and pivot charts.

Conditional formatting has been around in Excel for some time. However, this feature has now been considerably improved. If you are getting trained, you should definitely make sure that you will learn about these improvements and how to use the Color Scale and Data Bars features.

An Excel spreadsheet without formulas and functions is not much use to anyone. Functions are what Excel is all about. Microsoft have improved the way in which function are entered and edited and added several new functions. When you book training, make sure that your course will include coverage of new functions like SumIfs, IfError and AverageIf as well as a demonstration of the improvements to the editing of formulas.

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