Martin Archery Compound Bows


More and more people have become attracted to world of hunting and archery. With this growing enthusiasm, more and more people have become more particular of the kind of equipment that they use. This has given rise to the growing popularity of compound bows for use in archery and hunting.

We know that compound bows are modern bows that have levering systems usually made up of cables and pulleys that help in bending the bow limbs. Compound bows normally have stiffer limbs than those of recurve bows or longbows. The added stiffness enables the compound bow to be more energy efficient than most bows. The downside is, the limbs are oftentimes too stiff that one can experience difficulty in drawing bow string. Changes in temperature and humidity have little effect on compound bows. This contributes to the improved accuracy, distance, and velocity of compound bows.

Compound bows typically have central risers that are made of aluminum and magnesium. There are risers made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy. Bow manufacturers like Martin Archery have developed risers made of carbon and other metal alloy materials. Manufacturers have also come to use composite materials for bow limbs. These materials are capable of withstanding compressive and high tensile forces.

One feature that sets off compound bows from the rest is the cam. The cam or wheel at the end of each limb helps store energy in the bow limbs. Cams come in different shapes, depending on the design of the bow. Martin Archery has engineered its own cams and has conceptualized and manufactured innovative designs for single cams, dual cams, and hybrid cams.

Compound bow strings are typically made from high-modulus polyethylene. It is also normal for cables to be made of the same material. High modulus polyethylene is known to have great tensile strength. The material also experiences minimal stretching. It is also common for bow strings and cables to be made of plastic-coated steel. Different bow manufacturers have introduced a lot of innovations to bow strings and cables. Martin Archery has introduced double-helix bow strings to the compound bows it manufactures.

More than 58 years of manufacturing experience has given Martin Archery an advantage in the design and manufacture of compound bows. Having known to be a maker of the fastest and most accurate bows in the world, Martin Archery continues its commitment to engineering and ingenuity to offer the most unique features and benefits to archers and hunters alike. Martin Archery has the experience and know-how when it comes to compound bows.

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